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  1. im not making chloroform again ^^ not after i nearly knocked myself out. it smells nice tbh ^^
  2. DCM has been banned for use in paint strippers here in the UK (an the EU) so that opition is out of the window^^
  3. mainly because i dont have much money to buy DCM ^^ acetone and white spirit are cheap and easier to obtain ^^ i know i can get DCM on ebay and i might do that next time i get paid ^^ but atm im running a mini trial with both white spirit and acetone using 125m of both solvent to see what woul happen
  4. will it be possible to extract this from black pepper using white spirit or acetone as i dont realy want to be using DCM... sorry for the spelling mistake ^^ its ment to be piperine
  5. skwiff

    Ice to water

    if you press two peices of ice together they stick...
  6. i saw a video on youtube about the making of hydrobromic acid, the guy used potassium bromide and sulphuric acid the set up was a beaker and over head stirrer and then a basic still. to me this seemed a bit ott because the product would require to be sepurated from the residual H2SO4 by using simple displacement chemistry one can make it using hydrochloric acid, this in theory should produce a more pure sample for the HBr can be boiled off and passed through distilled water to produce the acid. equation: KBr(aq) + HCl(aq) --> KCl(aq) + HBr(aq) instead of: KBr(aq) + H2SO4(aq) --&
  7. in simple terms. the HNO2 forms ions of gold but in an equalibrilum so it does not dissolve, the HCl then bonds to the gold ions to form AuCl3 and this can not reattach to the gold, then the HNO2 ionises more gold and the process continues untill the gold is dissolved
  8. faraday cages would protect agaist EMPs, so if you have an iphone and are worried about EMPs stick it into your budgees cage at night...
  9. death is not a direct result, it is abit like major flooding, those who survive the wall of water will have to contend with diseases... my point is that an EMP might indirectly cause death but it woud cause chaos and panic over vapourizing hundreds of civies
  10. yes but cyber attacks do not cause death, and nethier do non nuclear EMPs
  11. EMPs occure as a side effect of nukes, and the EMP its self is not very destructive (unless you are on life support or in a plane) so it would be caled a weapon of mass disruption, much like how biological and chemical/radiological (dirty bombs) they don't cause damage by destroying a vast area in one area nor can they change the landscape (destroy mountains) unlike the nuke blast that emmits the EMP. so a weaponized EMP would be more of an inconveanience than a threat.
  12. that is to be understood ^^
  13. store it a glass reagent bottle... surely glass is more inert than HDPE to acid corrosion
  14. electrollysis of a bromine salt using graphite electrodes
  15. work out (or just google it) the molaraty of 38% HCl (should be about 12 or 13 moles) using the following n=m/RMM and then use this to work out the concentration C=n/V
  16. palytoxin and maitotoxin are the most toxic non-peptide based toxins in existance... but the are spat on by botutoxin
  17. would a mix of nitric and hydrofluoric work in dissolving gold, in a matter of fact would any hydrohalide acid (obviously hydrochloric works) work?
  18. if i was to form a solution of aqua regia using diluted acids (5 mol nitric and hydrochloric instead of 15 and 12 moles respcetifily) would it still be able to dissolve gold? the reason being is that if the acid is diluted should be some what safer than the 'pure' stuff.
  19. try doing simple analyctical tests. like flame tests, nitrate, nitrites, oxides, halaides and so on... then put the peices together. this is the ony way i know how to identify an unknown chemical
  20. if you use a pine sap or cypress sap then the wood should be stuck together for a long time, but sap is even more brittle than super glue and epoxy 2 part
  21. super glue, 2 part epoxy resin, silicon acetate, contact adhesive, boiled down sugar...
  22. gas rockects are harder to store ( i am keeping the fuel in my freezer atm ^^) plus idont think i should be playing around with gasous halogens... i think i'l get some KMnO4 of KNO3 ^^
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