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  1. This is understood, but to whom do I owe the misunderstanding to? Which of you-if not all of you, are too unintelligent to understand my simple particular- communication. Particular-as in-measures of-(denoted by plato). Well I see now, it would be pointless to converse with individuals who, at any level of competence, lack the manifestation of superior competence itself. Philosophy and poetry denote science-to object only suggest that your measures(mathematics) is materialistic with out abstract tendencies. Now, scince all of you are sooooooo-intelligent- tell me what is it that I have said-for an intelligent man can take the complex and make it simple-it is your job not mine.
  2. This is understood...Thank You...... You should read my first two books I ever got published, You would enjoy them....Paramedium and Philosophia....Unfortunately they attack your point of view on communication.
  3. Phil.....your quote- is absolutely marvelous. As a poet-published poet....I promise to mention you in my upcoming composition as an inquisitor of emotions as a feasible foundation for science.
  4. I am referring to the general conception of evolution as a science in opposition to theology. Now the argumentation commences. Tis' obvious that man is oblivious as to the origins of his ancestors- or at least at a disagreement about as to wither or not science or theology is accurate and feasible. All that I was asserting, is that the science of evolution is so-evident that if God did exist, he would not be able to refute evolutions existence. Witch would conclude, that if God did exist(IMO feasible and most likely he dose not), evolution would have been nothing more than another abiogenesis-theory(spontaneous generation).
  5. Artistically, in a sense of the manipulation of words i.e materialistic communication of abstract thoughts. I simply am challenging the traditional approach to communication. P.s I do believe that all scientists practice my current method of communication. It is not a means to confuse, it is a means to make a conception, synoptic.
  6. I agree, and apologize. I appreciate that you, a man of few words, has made a polite comment, in regards to technical jargon....I am however a poet, therefore- I feel obligating to express my emotions artistically. I hope you share my poetic view.
  7. By the way you spelled proteins wrong....you=protiens lol and micro-satellite wrong you= microsatelite lol In regards to psychology, a relevant topic of evolution, you would be denoted as a radical behaviorists.... i.e a fool. sorry but this is a news flash.
  8. How is this relevant to the topic at hand? If you wish do discuss the philosophy of semantics, you should post your assertions on another forum.
  9. Cosmological pluralism is the feasibility of extraterrestrial life or more than one life existing in the cosmos i.e universe.
  10. One could conclued from my pervious composition, that I did little to support my title for the forum. Well to logically justify my intentions-I wish to acquire adaquate knowledge on the conception of cosmological pluralism, before I conclued beyond reason a likely or unlikely reality in respect to the existence of life-not circumscribed by Earth's resourceful environment.
  11. Absolutely titanic in influence in respect to evidence. Not even a feasible-conceptional God-could look you in the eye and assert the contrary.....I am proud to have taken part in a most noble science i.e evolution and the superior likes.
  12. I fear that i may need educating on the feasibility of the existence of celestial keen i.e inhabitants other than ourselves accupying the cosmos's resources. Do not get me wrong, I have an associates in mathematics, philosophy and xenosociobiology....therefore, I have acquired insight into the anatomy or morphology of the conception, but I lack outstanding-revolutionary evidence of there existence. And if man opposes, to what right dose he have to make overt assertions on covert i.e unexplored cosmic areas?
  13. The enigmatic conception of evolution, depicts even the most profound poetic extenstions of existence. Overexposure of such conceptions will not destroy the psyche, only fortify already existing constructs on evolutions simplistic beauty. Allow me to compose a poem in the honor of your forum...... The Psyche's elaborate microscopic Fissures constructed on a Foundation of incalculable Environmental experiences are Primarily influenced by life's tendency To discover an absolute-equilibrium of Entropic dissolution.
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