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  1. Why can't you fold spacetime? Everyone says it's impossible, but why? Is it energy required? lack of technology?
  2. Yes, but energy (Usually) doesn't have mass. So matter generally makes gravity, since all matter has mass.
  3. It takes matter to make gravity. It takes gravity to make a singularity. It takes a singularity to create an event horizon. Common logic, so it's assumable there would be matter in there.
  4. So instead of a singularity made of antimatter, you'd get a singularity made of gamma photons?
  5. Just a thought i've had, what if you had enough antimatter mass for it to collapse in itself like a black hole? I mean, i know you'd get a black hole made of antimatter, but what if you threw matter at it then? Would it anihilate, breaking down the event horizon, or would the matter get completly ripped apart and not do anything?
  6. What if you created ONE gargantuan atom, with such ammounts of electrons spinning you can actually use this one atom material?
  7. What if you extended it at an extremely slow rate, where you only added say, atom by atom? It would take an incredibly long time (billions of years), but nothing wrong with theory...
  8. The ammount of data needed for such a thing... That would exceed a googolplex of gigabyte.. If strings exist, there would be over 10^500 in as much as a human body.. Would you make one string one bit of information, that would exceed the ammount of information capable to be stored you would get if you used all earths resources to make harddrives...
  9. Yes, yes, we know, to accelerate to light speed you need infinite energy. We figured that much. But what if you actually didn't accelerate? Now most theories involve things like hyperspace, timespace tears, etc. My idea is to use rotation. Now, if you would normally have a super-light weight stick of say, 5,000,000,000 miles, you could rotate it very fast with relative ease. Let's say the "Stick" is 1 KG heavy for speculation. However.. The energy needed to accelerate at light speed would keep increasing, making it's relative mass higher and higher. Even if the end tip would be spinning at 290,000 KM/second, it would be around 1,3 KG. But the closer you approached C, it would be heavier.. At a speed of 299,999.999.999 it would already be over 6000 megatons... This is because the rotation needs to accelerate. But.. what if you used an extendable chain, and extended it while already having the rotation present? This way, no energy would be needed for the acceleration, only for maintaining the rotation. For example, let's say we have a 0,1 LY long chain of super-light material. Extend this chain 10 meters, and get it to a speed that will equal C2 if at chain length of 0,1 LY. Then, just extend it. The energy needed for maintaining the rotation will be pretty large, but acceleration energy will remain null because the rotation speed remains equal. Now, please tell me why this couldn't work? I'm sure it couldn't or someone would already have thought of it -.-.
  10. So, basically a clusterf*ck of elementary particles.
  11. The very matter that caused the big bang, the singularity that existed before this univserse came in existance. What exactly was this? Was it atoms completly squashed into eachother, to the point all particles were directly "Squeezed" together? Was it just random particles together (Gluons, neutrons, ions, muons, quarks, hell, even tachyons), just clusterf*cked together? Or was it 1 single atom of an infinite mass? (Infinite electrons / protons)
  12. When a comet passed jupiter, it's gravitational effects (however small on earth) were noticed, but it's view through a telescope was delayed because light travels at C. By calculations, the comet's vision delay was noticable, yet there was no gravitational delay. As for the conserved energy, energy can easily go at speeds that near C. If the energy would be scattered fast enough, the gravity fluctuation would still happen.
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