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    Wanna hear the funniest thing? I just saw a commercial for it, maybe 5 minutes ago, and basically, it said this: "Watch the best hit of the summer where comedian Ben Stein goes back to school... and gets expelled!" and then pushes you to get the DVD. Honestly, that is probably the best ploy to get people to watch it, or at least look at the DVD cover. They don't say ANYTHING about the movie in the commercial; they just spout off something to get people to buy it without thinking, or thinking about buying it or something.
  2. Well, I had a similar problem in my first semester of Biology. Our teacher hadn't shown up for about half of the time we've been taking the class, we didn't have hardly any labs, and when we got a test, she got it from a website from a different book than we were studying from. The only reason we passed was because she actually didn't have many grades in the grade book. Now just about everyone is avoiding taking her specific class. I guess it didn't help that she was actually a chemistry teacher.
  3. Why have you not told us about your pet llama yet? I would like a ride when you're done.
  4. This may seem completely random, but my roommate and I were having an argument about whether or not there is a set of parabolas that, when paired together, a circle tangent to both of them could be a unit circle. He's positive that it's possible, but I'm not convinced, knowing that parabolas increase at different rates at different times, and a unit circle, being a constant shape and having a constant diameter, could not effectively be placed in between them for infinity. Any ideas? (And if you need clarifications, just ask. It seems a bit confusing, and I'm not in the state of mind right now to fix it.. Sorry! )
  5. Um... I was actually going for [hide]the newspaper is under a door, and the boy and girl are standing on either side[/hide] but I guess those work too. Ok! Your turn!!
  6. True, true... I just went with the traditional answer. I guess I have the responsibility of posting a new one... Hrm... A boy and a girl are standing on the same sheet of newspaper, yet they cannot kiss. Why?
  7. Ok. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.
  8. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, but I know very little about vectors... Could you please explain just a bit more?
  9. Currently, I am working on a homework assignment involving an iguana and the acceleration of it's tongue to catch prey. For some reason, though, my teacher did not go over some parts of it, and neither does the book, and I cannot find the definition for "the magnitude of acceleration". I know of course that acceleration is V/s, but fail to see exactly what "the magnitude" means. Can you please help? Please and thank you.
  10. What's the smallest amount of pieces you've used for Mission to Mars? I got 10 (including the pink piece.) EDIT: Two pieces! (not including the pink piece) http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=289408
  11. Really? What does yours look like?
  12. http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=243113 This is my solution to Unpossible. It took me DAYS to get this right. But I'm proud of it.
  13. I had a nice design for the Mission to Mars level. Sorta like a catapult! It was an unexpected result, to be honest, but worked just as well. http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=197004
  14. Mine usually involves one man and two villages. But the concept is the same for them all, right?
  15. lol, that's quite the run-on, is it not? But anyway... "Which bridge will your brother point me to if I ask him which bridge is the safe bridge?" Asking this question to the truth-telling brother will acquire the bad bridge, since the liar would point to the wrong bridge instead of the safe one (as per the question). Asking the liar would make the liar point to the wrong bridge as well, because the truth-telling brother would point to the safe bridge. Since both brothers would point to the bad bridge, you would know which bridge is safe, and you could cross.
  16. Ten hours, twenty-one Minutes until the new day At school. Spring break's long...
  17. Well, currently, I only speak one, but I'm also learning a second.. On my own, due to a lack of classes at my school. Trying to learn Japanese. Pretty difficult, but I WILL get it. I also need to learn Spanish...
  18. If you ever hear hooves, don't yell zebra. (If you have a problem with something, don't think of something exotic or beyond comprehension. It's probably much simpler.)
  19. There's an interesting book and show series that takes this to the extreme... Death Note is the name. As you read, it seems a bit.. inhumane, but there ARE some who would take this approach. Me? I wouldn't know.. I'd probably make punishments harsher for a better society. Because god knows there's too much crime. (I wouldn't kill them, no, but allow them a Lord of the Flies sort of setting. Let them fend for themselves.)
  20. Almost unfit for a place even in the General Discussion, but no other place on the net has a fitting answer. Is there anyone here that can remix music? And if not, do you have any good programs in mind that could? I'm an amateur at anything that goes in depth in technology (I only know bits and pieces of different programs, but never enough...). My friend and I are in the process of creating a video game (it won't be distributed.. Just a mini-project between us) and there is a song that we both like as an introduction, but neither of us have the ability to edit and remix the song to both a reasonable length and a different-sounding.. sound. I would be extremely grateful if you would do this for me, or point me in the direction of someone who could. Thanks!
  21. ... Ok. Now I feel stupid... If only I looked at it as a whole, instead of in parts... *ashamed*
  22. It IS pretty complicated, but there doesn't seem to be too much ciphertext... If I had some more, I may have a go at it, but from what I've seen, there's absolutely no way anyone could solve it, although I did analyze it a bit. (Of course, I couldn't make any conclusions about them...) 1) The first symbol is unlike the rest. It's too linear to be part of the ciphertext as a letter. The size is also much too big. This must be an indicator of a variant of your cipher, so you know which text to use to solve it. 2) The second symbol is very similar to the last with a minor difference. This must mean that either (a) they are two very similar letters, but not the same, or (b) they are the same letter using two different symbols, which is quite common to throw people off. Regardless, this doesn't help much. 3) There are four symbols in the text that are similar in the way that they use the pattern of four adjacent circles. Only two are similar enough to say that they are the same symbol, whereas the other two are much too different to draw anything from them. This might be true, though, with the second fact above, that all four of them (though very unlikely) are the same letter once again, but a more common one to use four symbols for substitution. 4) There are two symbols in the text that look like two ellipses seperated by a line. I would say that these two were also the same symbol, but the main difference between the two is the length of the line that seperates the ellipses. Therefore, these two symbols must be different letters. 5) Finally, there are four very different symbols that are extremely different from the others, indicating that either (a) they are very rare letters that occur in the English alphabet, thus their rare shapes in the ciphertext, or (b) they are four seperate, equally occurring letters. Even though with the deductions above, there is still insufficient text to be able to effectively solve the text. I couldn't even hazard a guess without much more, because any phrase could fit into the text quite simply without any substitution at all. Additionally, the symbols might not represent letters at all, but words. However, if this is the case, it would double in its impossibility to solve because of the range of words in the English language. So currently, I would have to agree with you wholeheartedly and say that it is impossible to solve. Sorry, but I won't waste my effort.
  23. Thanks for the information. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but then again, I may be wrong with the explanation... It might not even me mathematically related, but I could swear there was some sort of theory, principle, or something related to that. I think it may have been a link to a site that explained it in an earlier thread somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure what... Perhaps it was about 2+2=5? I'll see if I can find it. But thanks again. [EDIT] Ok. I found it. It was the Banach-Tarski Paradox that I was thinking of. http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=15428&highlight=sum+of+parts+whole+greater Thanks again.
  24. I'm trying to figure out the name of the theorem in which one sphere is cut into infinitely small pieces, and when put back together, it has the possibility of creating two spheres of the same volume as the original sphere. Can you help me?
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