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  1. And I suppose it contains a substantial amount of lanthanum..Is there a way to seperate it from other elements?
  2. yeah i now..it's by aspirin...haha the name's really suitable I have tried the search engine many times but cant find the original thread...but hey nevermind, got it.. Thanks YT!! You are almost a chem god man... )
  3. then may i ask how do I fliter the KCLO4/O3 from the match heads? I cant seem to find the post now...
  4. On hearing that much about White P...it seemed now to me that is it almost a pervertic substance indeed...sick
  5. thats really sick...then that makes for both P to be equally dangerous then? White P and Red P? haha
  6. I see.....but then, is potassium chlorate safe enough to be in the mix and to be the oxidizer?
  7. But the RP is mixed with glass bits..so probably it may not burn that well
  8. Actually they do contain a small quantity RP after doing some research on the net before I actually scouted for those matches
  9. Sorry my bad..I actually did not buy the impure RP as a stand-alone substance..but rather "harvested" it from those strike-anywhere matches with RP in it..
  10. Yes ..red P I've gotten from a local store although it is not in high concentrations.. I guess I shouldn't mess around with such stuffs after all... (My knowledge of chemistry is quite limited as I'm only a student who is taking the GCSE O levels this year..)
  11. a reductor...hmmm...then what can be used in place of KNO3 then?Will KMnO4 do?
  12. But I've tried combusting Red P and recrystallized sucrose mix and it can burn pretty well.. And that was done in a pyrex test tube..So I'm not sure whether Red P is indeed an oxidiser?
  13. i cant seem to get my hands on even a single drop of KNO3 and I am dying to make a rocket propellant... So I was wondering if using Red P instead of KNO3 in the sugar fuel mix ...can it possibly work?
  14. Hey guys, need some help here...I'm going for a local science fair and I am going to build a small scale fuel cell..Hydrogen and Oxygen supply is no problem...The real problems here I have i regarding the working mechanism of a model working fuel cell.. So can anyone here shed some light and teach me how to? If it is too hard?how about microbial fuel cells?
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