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  1. Is it possible at all to travel to other planets and star system in a convenient time span?


    I feelings are that civilization has to colonize other planets in order to survive. We are already past the carrying capacity of earth, and it does not look like we a slowing down.


    Without faster than light travel we are doomed :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

  2. it is kind of like a monorail. It is using magnetism to pull the trains forward. The railgun uses magnetism to pull the projectile to a high velocity.


    They made one already called metalstorm. It is pretty cool. It shots like a 1000 bullets a minute

  3. Ok let me ask another question: Which race was first? Black, white or asian.


    I do not think it is black because animals are albino when take away the fur right?


    (Im not trying to be a racist nor am I trying to crack any jokes:-) )


    What is the epicanthic fold in the eyes for? Do it protect against cold wind?


    Does darker skin really give better protection? What about yellow skin, what does that do for you?


    Do people who live in the hotter regions tend to be bigger? If so then how did the african pygmies come about, and what about the amazon natives? They tend to be small also.


    Also the nordic people are tall but they live in cold climates.

  4. What frequencies are above gamma rays and what are they called? Also what is below radio waves on the spectrum, and what is it called?


    Does the photon move in straight lines or the wavey pattern going up and down?


    When you shut off a light's power source, do the photons keep moving or do they stop immediately? For example you have a real big intergalactic flashlight that is projecting light for well over a year. Then all of a sudden you turn it off. Will the photons that have traveled a light-year stop instantly or will they keep going?

  5. It does not matter if water hurts you. Water is a very essential element of your body. You have to find some way to get H2O into your body or else you're gonna die


    Do you get diarrhea? Is it a very bad pain?


    Once I had a virus that cuz me to get diarrhea whenever I drank water, but I was told to keep drinking no matter what cuz I still need water even more if I am sick.


    How long has this been going on? If this has been going on for a long time, you need a doctor

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