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  1. http://books.google.com/books?id=uTmc-BeVbZoC&pg=PA116&lpg=PA116&dq=%22ammonium+bromate%22&source=web&ots=OrOFQN2fVo&sig=_OQeo5I5TMQ4LtGkQ0fErgpjQQg#PPA1,M1 Describes Ammonium Bromate as "spontaneously decomposing". I like your method, I don't need to be indoors or using electricity to try it. I do believe I'm going to let this one go as a bad idea however. It just seems a little to unpredictable.
  2. Thanks, I did search the net and found little besides shipping restrictions. I did find several suppliers who sell it (chinese) although none had an MSDS available. I am, of course, more curious about it now and will continue to look for info. I'm not going to make it without researching a bit more. Don't need to blow my ass up.
  3. I tried the potassium bromide to bromate experiment described on woelens website. (great site by the way!) The experiment worked wonderfully and I loved watching the red bromine run down off the anode and accumulate in the bottom of the vessel. Would this also work with ammonium bromide? I know ammonium bromate is pretty soluble so seperating the reaction products may be difficult but are there any problems or dangers (beyond those of using KBr) I should be aware of before I try?
  4. If it's frying your oscillator you most likely need to limit the current it can draw. Try an appropriate resistor, or a heavier duty driver circuit for the oscillator.
  5. Getting bubbles to form evenly throughout the mix, not come to the surface and not ruin the integrity of the cement is going to be pretty tough. Why not just add perlite? That's how most lightweight concrete mixes are made anyway.
  6. IIRC the density, when pressed, should be 1.7 grams/cc. I've never milled it wet, I just make sure the mill(rock tumbler) is in a safe place. Never had a problem.
  7. I think the vague self-sexual references with the banana come pretty close to representing how most people with a scientific background feel about creationists. There seems to be lots of ridicule of the banana argument. That's a good thing.
  8. The banana discussion arose to discount the ridiculous creationist argument that bananas were so perfectly designed for human consumption that they must have been "created" rather than evolving. As you pointed out, bananas that were not selectively bred by people are all different shapes. Just what the two of us have said in a few posts has completely destroyed the position that a supernatural being designed the banana. It was a pretty easy position to destroy, after all we were just going up against creationists.
  9. Many fruits have seeds capable of such survival. Even if this was not the case, the animal may be a messy eater and just drop some seeds or may be greedy and grab more than it can handle dropping a few fruits along the way. While it's easy to hold 1 banana, it's difficult to hold three.
  10. I don't think gigantic fruits would be of much help spreading seeds. Bite sized or "easy to grab and run off with" would give the parent plant the best chance of having the most offspring. Therefore they would be, from an evolutionary standpoint, the most likely sizes of fruit to have. The easier a (seed bearing) banana fit the hand, the better it's chances of survival.
  11. Here... http://clayartcenter.net/store/customer/home.php?cat=680&page=15 Never a question asked. A few other good chems as well if you want to look around.
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