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  1. True. A lot of people don't have their own brains and don't think for themselves.
  2. hah. no. Ever read the US Constitution, monkey?
  3. heh. CEO of science. (that'd be a nifty job though ) I mean schooling-wise furthest. What subject could be delved into the furthest.
  4. No, JaKiri. I mean effectiveness as in "is it carrying out the will of the people and the intent of it's founders?"
  5. Quite simply, I think people who believe in UFO's and the "little green men" are crazy. A) Traveling the speed of light is impossible. How could they reach Earth then? B) There's been so many "sightings", why the heck would aliens keep coming back? C) People who are "abducted" could very easily have experienced different things. The majority of UFO's are actually planes, satellites, stars, or other such things. It's far more likely that those unexplainable events ARE government projects than aliens.
  6. Well, I love science, and with my schooling, could go down the path of biology, chemistry, or physics. I like them all, and am fairly smart and quick to pick them up. Which could get me the furthest, and which would I have the most opportunities in?
  7. The Founders of the US wrote in the Constitution their goals as being: "To form a more perfect Union" "To establish justice" "To insure domestic tranquility" "To provide for the common defense" "To promote the general welfare" "To secure the blessings of liberty" Are these things being done? Establish justice? How well is that done, when innocent men are convicted and guilty men let free? Common defense? Invading other countries and making foreigners hate us and promise to make America into a "sea of fire" sure seems like a good way to do that, don't you think? Promote the general welfare? There are millions of Americans without homes, jobs, money, or educations. Sure, some help is going to them, but definately not enough. To insure domestic tranquility? This one is the kicker. Dividing our country over insane issues sure seems like a good way to have domestic tranquility, doesn't it? Aside from those all, does the will of the people truly matter anymore? We vote people into office, and then they make decisions that are harmful to us, and for their own interests. The American government is cracking. It doesn't go by the ideals it was set up upon, and doesn't reflect the desire of the people.
  8. the speed of light may not be exactly certain, as you said. But it CANNOT be obtained. Any object traveling that speed would be reverted to pure energy (e=mc^2). That means that even if a spacecraft could go that speed, it would instantly be converted into a huge amount of energy. Inobtainable.
  9. Alright, I'm new here. I just had a discussion with someone, about statistical probabilities vs. quantum probabilites. I argued that if you control every single variable and factor of an event, you can predict the result. He argued that quantum probability leaves doubt with whether or not that result will come about, even if you are certain, and statistics back you. For example, if you light a magnesium ribbon on fire, it will flare brightly. I know that, you know that, we all know that. Even not controlling every single factor (minus the lab blowing up or something like that), you KNOW that the magnesium will flare brightly. Can quantum probability overrule that, and produce and alternate result to an event?
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