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  1. Whenever i open the setup file it initializes then nothing happens. I've tried opening the setup multiple times and the same goes on. Tried with no programs open and the same thing happens. I'm stumped, please help me.
  2. Awesome phone. Absolutely no doubt that there will be copy cat phones. I want one but I kind of dont want one cuz it seem a little big. And pointless. I mean sure it does it all but all the fun of carrying different devices is gone. Im still waiting for Apple to make a console.
  3. I did some research on the topic of quad turbo and I found that the Bugatti Veyron uses 4 turbochargers. But that engine is a W16. Thats pretty much 2 V8s side by side.
  4. OK, so I have a neat but maybe improbable idea. A V12 engine with 4 turbochargers. One turbocharger for every three exhaust ports. And if possible a cold air intake on each turbocharger. The turbochargers would be smaller than normal ones, as to reduce blowback into the combustion chamber. I know the smaller turbos have special blowout valves so they dont blow up because of high pressure at really high speeds. So is there anything that I should know before i get to involved and start making designs. Or does anybody know if this has already been done.
  5. The Rotary engine loses its seal between the piston and the casing after running for a while and it only loses its seal on half of the engine, more specificaly the combustion and spark side. The intake side stays relatively cool due to the constant intake of air. The combustion side of the casing expands causing a small but evident gap between the casing and the piston. But when the whole engine cools the casing shrinks and will regain its seal. Well, for the first 100 degrees of operation. TADA!
  6. rotary engines are better because theyre alot smaller for the same amount of power and they last alot longer than an otto design engine(cylidrical piston) they last alot longer because there is virtualy no vibrations
  7. And with bigger tires youre going to have a harder time accelerating if you dont change a few gear settings in the transmission.
  8. Well i tryed this experiment a while back about a year and i have to say its quite fun. And let just say i went to extremes, i made an electromagnet and used two rc batteries and about 15 ft of 12 gauge copper wiring and a nice big 7 inch steel bolt. for the track i used some carbon fiber tubing cut in half(very hard to cut in half) and i used pachinko balls two on the projectile side and one on the other. I flicked one pachinko ball down the track hit the one and shot the other pachinko ball on the other side super fast. I use to have a pachinko ball stuck in my wall about half way until my dad saw it and yelled at me. then he gave me some puddy and paint and told me to fix it. Looking back at it i really wish i had a camera
  9. Yeah that would be the easiest but what about the differences in height and shinyness of the surface that the vehcle is driving on. Im sure that would have some effect on the accuracy of the speedometer unless a computer took an average of different readings from the laser sensor.
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