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  1. There are 10 proven dimensions mathematically. Can anyone visualize a fourth dimension? Is the reason why we can't visualize a fourth dimension that we live in a three dimensional world? How different do animals see the world? (Axis-wise x,y,z). There's a saying "a triangle would have a god with three sides" we visualize a god in 3d, how can every dimension have a god?!
  2. I don't think robots would be of any use if they were there to only support it (electromagnetic fields), how can an electromagnetic field be used as a shield its self? Isn't the electromagnetic field there to support the robots? (not visaversa)I was thinking that elements could be put together creating a nano-bot strong enough or put together in a certain way (geodesic dome shaped) to widthstand the force of impact created by a larger object distributing the force to neighbour bots via the electromagnetic field (is that even possible?).
  3. Everyone has a surname (lastname), but have you ever wondered when it all began? Who was the first person to be named a last name? In othe words how far do you have to go down on your family tree to reach some distant relative that doesn't have your surname?
  4. Thanks for your replies guys! The idea about the magnetic or electro magnetic field is quite interesting, and combined with a bigger nano-bot makes more sense. But I have another question: how could we supply power to these nanobots, or for any nano machine for that matter? Aren't they too small to carry a battery pack of some kind? I know they would require less energy (power) to work but still conventional batteries are huge plus they are after all a flow of electrons right? how many electrons can you fit into a space so confined that you could count them!?
  5. Hi, everyone... this is my first Thread, I'm 16 years old and have an intrest in science. Anyhow, I'll get to my subject: Nanotechnology has advanced throughout these years, yet it is still a new technology that didn't even start to shed its light to our world. I have this idea of a spray that shoots out nano-bots which attach to each other forming a blob in the air. These bots would be light enough to stay aloft, or would have built-in engines that keep them flying. they would react with the air (O2, CO2, N,...) creating a sheild preventing objects from entering the perimiter of the blob. I know this may sound like nonsense, but it may have other uses such as cleaning poluted air and water... please reply stating whether this is possible, if so please explain how it may be acheived. Thanx
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