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  1. If you were able to find a bone, or any matter from a dinosaur at the time, within ice/glaciers, the marrow and DNA would be preserved enough for replication, and thus salvagable.
  2. Regardless, of whether or not the animals got hurt or not, one thing still remains in extreme force. These events weren't meant to strike other animals/these animals. Humans need to use what they have to create a movie. A horse was never, ever in the entire world masturbated by someone else, until the evolution of man into Homo sapien. Throughout all of those countless years, it never happened, and was left alone. But then, when humans exist, you see them going into animals lives and doing things that affect them, in the case of Jackass, I will say negative. The horse being masturbated was not meant to happen ever, it is supposed to be Horse-Horse, not Horse-Man. It is just the way things are. Even though he did not make any sort of penetration, he caused, and created the orgasm, and as a result the sperm. The Jackass movie clearly crosses over into beastiality which, in itself is illegal, yet they got away with all of it. The ejaculate could be actually enpregnating a horse (it's purpose), but instead it went into some guy's digestive tract...disrupting the natural balance of animal life.
  3. An animal can be hurt mentally, just as humans can, and just because you see no physical injuries does not mean there are not any. The animal could be expressing pain in ways that humans can not understand. People, rely and use the fact that “They are not hurt” to use as padding on this issue. How do you really know? To do these stunts and set things up, do you really know? Just because in neither of the videos does a man pull out a machine gun, and shoot down the animals, doesn’t mean the animals were not harmed. Intrusion into natural long living, fulfilling, successful animals. Here, we humans try to make a travesty out of how animals look, and shame it. Although you think the animal is not aware of it’s shaming does not mean it is not. Publishing things like this is travesty, and then in turn gives others ideas for completing stunts with animals in them.
  4. What does it matter if they are aware of 'exploitation'? They are still distinctly aware of an odd entity intruding within there habitat/area, such as with the snake. The snake, or horse may be unaware people are doing this, distinctly for currency but they are aware an oddity is occuring on their being/living. The last thing is, it does not matter if the animals know they are being taken advantage of, because they do not have the same reasoning, logic, or brain development that Homo sapiens have. Homo sapiens have the ability and responsibility to think for animals, and commit actions which are in their best interest. That is our responsibility as human beings.
  5. Yes, natural selection always comes to mind when I see animals fighting, because that is the natural way the animal (which ever one loses it's life) should die. Some people say the same thing about hunting, "Ahh, natural selection will just take over sooner or later." The difference is, human interference, and the detraction from those animal's lives. These people, not only commited the actions, but they filmed, published and made millions of dollars out of them. Did the animal get a paycheck, or a reciprocation, adequate to what the other people performed? These animals were brought into these stunts without knowing so. Natural selection theory does not apply here. Indeed, eventually the horse and the snake will lose their lives, however it should be from natural. Saying it doesn't matter does not help. Just saying to someone, "It was just two animals, it means nothing." Animals can not stand up for themselves, verbally, they can not morally, and are frequently taken advantage of, and abused. This situation is unorthadox.
  6. Greetings, Recently I have viewed several proportionally small clips, from a rather large movie entitled "Jackass 2". Upon watching these clips I realized that the ethics were going far, and unfairly out of bounds for the native animals. Animals, just like human beings have rights, and they need to be stood up for. The acts I will list below are just a few, because I would never demean myself enough to rent or buy this movie. My friend showed me these clips upon http://www.youtube.com. There is a scene which shows, and depicts a man commiting the masturbation of a male horse (by the man), until the point of ejaculation, which is put into a cup and drank by a human. Afterwards, there is taunting and laughing at the horse. The next scene occurs, when a man fully erects his sexual gland, and puts his penis into a "sock-like-puppet". This puppet has eyes, a nose and a smile for a mouth. The "crew" or who ever cut a circular hole in a singular glass snake habitat/cage. The man inserts his fully erect gland in a sock puppet, into the snake’s home, where it lives, and begins to harass it. He moves it from side to side, then up and down, until the snake comes over out of curiosity, and begins interacting. After a befuddled few moments, the snake perceives this "thing" as a rabbit, or white rat, and consequently bites the sock covered penis. I can't see how humans come up with ideas like this, without rethinking, or questioning their conscience. Just why? These animals roamed this earth before humans even existed, and here humans are messing with there lives, caging them, taking away the pride as an animal, and the freedom. Cruelty. How is this allowed, what are the ethics, for movies like this? What can I do about these actions, and the director/producer/people that participated in it? Thank you for reading, animals are very cherished to me...and should be to you, they are an important part of the world, and an important part to humans.
  7. What is the equation for caluculating dewpoint temperature? I thought it incorporated SFC temperatures, and relative humidity...but I don't know the equation. Can anyone please help me out. Thanks.
  8. It is pointing towards...I believe the angle right above line AC...but this is a guess as well, as it is quite unclear.
  9. So, to I set the two values, on line AC equal to one another, to solve to get the value of X? Or what do I do? Thank you for clarifying.
  10. I need help with this problem, it is very confusing to me, can anyone help, and explain how to? Thanks. http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/3112/gfgfgyc6.jpg And another problem, very related to this one is this. http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/7311/anotherproblemol7.jpg
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