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  1. The newer cpu's have 2 cores although clocked at a lower speed, can process 2 threads at once, they are also more energy efficient. You do not even have to keep it on specially for folding. I only fold on my laptop when doing something else on it. Therefore i am using all the clock cycles i don't need.
  2. Well, i personally think folding is as important or even more so than things such as seti@home, due to the factor that it is finding ways to improve the lives of ill people, NOW. P.s. I suppose this means, you want this thread closed???
  3. Has anyone heard of folding??? I first got started in it by a magaizine i read, Custom pc, and have joined their team. From the custompc fan forums section on folding From the stanford folding site The good thing about folding is, you can help medical research, just by keeping your pc on, simple really. If you want to help out, you can download the client up at the top. To learn how to set up your folding client, go Here. You do not have to join the custompc team, but can just stay non-alligned. Thanks, oh by the way, my folding username is Corillian
  4. Well, i don't know about history in particular, but ATS, BTS and PTS are always good for, just about everything.
  5. Im not saying animaly testing is a bad idea. But controlling someone or something (i.e. a sentient being), against their will... Well its no different to blackmail, but forcefully. What if they use this against humans, or on other animals and make them kill and/or damage others. Make no mistake, im not saying using electrodes to stimulate muscles is 100% bad, but using them to control anothers actions, that isn't letting or making Paraplegics walk again, its invoking forceful control over another, no different to persecution, except nothing can be done about it.
  6. Personally, i think it is too early to tell. Wait 6 months, and im sure we will know for sure. You can get all its features in xp, using some tricks and freeware. You can always dual boot with linux
  7. I was surfing some computing forums earlier on and spotted this. Personally, i think its sick, forcing a living being into doing something, they do not wish to do. Whats to say they won't use this on human beings, or use animals in war. I think this is against animal rights, isn't it? Remote Control Pigeons
  8. Are we talking about an engine using air, or are we talking about the internal combustion engine (used in aircraft) or the jet-engine (used in aircraft)?
  9. Lol, well luckily im not in their league, the most i can afford is a Intel C2C E6600
  10. I read some of it, but got confused, again.
  11. I probably mean 1000 times faster, it was last friday.
  12. Can you explain to me what internet 2&3&4 are all in english, please?
  13. At my school, the so-called "gifted and talented" leader/teacher, Mr Salt (who reminds me of Father Christmas), while i was helping to teach 10-year-olds quadratic equations, (they are smart-almost as fast as me, and im 15), told us that two scientists have created the first quantum computer. He also said that it is 1000 times more powerful than the most powerful "normal" computer (I presume this is the IBM machine built, which the processor runs at 400Ghz at room temperature) but only lasts for one second, is this true, or have I, once again, got this wrong?
  14. Is this the same thing as the more commonly known "web 2.0"?
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