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  1. Earth is finite as is its abilty to recuperate and accomodate. We only delude ourselves and will suffer the consequences by behaving as if it is otherwise. Already the icecaps are melting and the ocean levels are rising as are the atmospheric temperatures. We look at Venus and say that it could have once been more earthlike. We glibly speak about a runaway greenhouse effect which transformed it into the veritable hell it is today. Then we turn around and continue to mindlessly Venaform. Keep that word well in mind- Venaform, because that's exactly what we are doing-slowly but surely setting th
  2. It's not the subject it's the teacher. If the teacher is bored with his subject-is unhappy with being at a certain institution he considers below his dignity, or finds teaching itself annoying, then the way he feels will be reflected in his presentation of the material. It might be a dead-pan or a mechanical, fast-clipped delivery of info. The bottom line is that the way the teacher feels will be reflected in his body language, choice of words or tone of voice and will alienate the student by either boring him or else making the info hard to absorb. Some teachers might even begin to insult st
  3. Hi! I'm new to this website. Tried to reply to threads but keep getting the following message:

    An Error Occurred

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

    [#103133] You do not have permission to reply to this topic. ...

  4. I am not being permitted to reply to threads.

    Please respond to my email at:



    Beautiful website!

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