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  1. hi.. i got a problem from a book and i cant answer it.. he asked me to find a recurrence relation for the number of bit string of length n that contain 4 consecutive 0s... and the second question is for the number of ways to climb n stairs and the person climbing the stairs can take one or two stairs at a time... can you help me? please explain to me... thank you very much...
  2. I dont know where i should put this question...please forgive me if i put this in wrong place... i have no idea how to prove this boolean algebra equation are equivalent: x'y' + xy = (xy' +x'y)' x'z + xy = x'y'z + yz + xy thank u very much for your help...
  3. i like F=ma because it's simple... unlike the others.. btw, i am a newbie here, nice to meet u all in this forum
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