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  1. so far so good - thanks for ALL the suggestions and advice
  2. Usually, nosebleeds are harmless (unless acompanied by other symptoms ) they can happen following a cold, blowing ones nose too hard, or the usual picking ones nose (I'm sure that you don't do that one!) First Aid for nose bleeds is to put your head forward and pinch the nostrils, and do not blow your nose for an hour or more........Im sure that stress could be a factor but never heard of that one.
  3. I have just downloaded firefox -maybe a silly question but should there be an icon to show that i have installed it ok?
  4. Now how did you guess I was talking about porn!!
  5. Cheers - I'll give all suggestions a go
  6. I have been having problems with 'pop ups' for sometime, however, recently the pop ups are of an unpleasant nature - too unpleasant to discuss How can I stop these images, I have Norton Antivirus installed.
  7. Interesting, so the summers could get cooler - well there you go I believed the opposite...that we would [warm] up.......
  8. We've had many years of mild winters, followed by many dry summers (not always hot) In england if we are lucky enough to have a good hot summer (and hey thats what a summer is suppose to be) then suddently its blamed on so called global warming......personaly, I have always had doubts about the so called effects of GW.........
  9. We have had a very hot summer here in the UK (horrah) is this the result of global warming.....or has it just been a warm summer?
  10. Has TV killed the art of conversation - if so, is the computer the new TV?
  11. Genocide - definition of -the murder of a whole race or group of people, my quote of 'did he not wipe out a whole village' was a reply to the previous thread......so I'm no DUDE. read all the previous threads and then my reply will be put into context.
  12. Did he not wipe out a whole village?
  13. What should be remembered is that this man has been found guilty of mass genicide, something that Hitler would also have been found guilty of had he been caught. The question we must ask ourself is, would we have objected to a similar sentence had it been passed against Hitler? Not only that, but think of the financial implications for keeping Saddam Hussein in jail for life....
  14. I have a friend (honest it's not me) who sleeps from 1am through to 9am has some breakfast then goes back to sleep til 2pm- sad but true. Is she better for it...hell no. My point being too much sleep is as bad as too little.
  15. Thanks Richard it works now and thanks to everyone else who suggested ways to help.....
  16. No I'm not using a public internet - but good thought.
  17. still not working but thanks
  18. Connecting... Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission ircd.oppresses.us resolve) this is the message I get when i try and log into the chatroom......
  19. access denied, yet I was able to log in last night
  20. Great thanks - do you know why I cant log in to the chat room?
  21. I'm new to this site - what does it offer?
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