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  1. New info, apparently the Furrys are part of a larger genra called "Animal Transformation Fantasy". This includes Lycanthropy. Not realy sure where the key difference is though. What would seperate the Furry's from Lycanthropes? I would think it may be related to the motavation for the fantasy. What do you guys think?
  2. The extreamists will do that on their own by smoking too much pot, but ere are some things when it comes to the human impact on the environment that should be considered. The best solution to environmental problems, in my opinion, is to be dependant on the environment. For example there used to be huge tracks of land up here in Maine that were owened by paper and lumber companies that were open to fishing and hiking and hunting. Some still do. Now some people (namely the affore mentioned hemp smoking extreamists) would acuse these companies of destroying the forests, but if they were to destroy th forests what would they be cutting in twenty years? Some of this land has been bought up by out of state environmentalists in the interests of protecting it, but at least one that I know of will not let anyone on it. If the woods were to catch fire, no trucks could go near it! I think the best thing for man ind to do is to take a lesson from animals. They act as they need to act and depend on and inadvertantly preserve the environment. The exreame environmentalist approach of "hands off" is insuficent to preserve the earth they love so dearly. Nor will ignoring enviromnetal problems or assuming that humans can do whatever the hell they want won't help anyhing either. All things in moderation. In defence of my old high school chum I don't think he is trying to ad hom . . anthing. I think he is simply trying to substancicate that a concensus is not to be taken as evidence. You want my opionion on Global Warming? Who knows I don't know enough about climatology to claim to know anything all I know is "Hope for the Best Prepair for the Worst." So I drive a fule efficent car.
  3. Cyberman

    Animal Testing

    I'm trying to demonstrait that logic can be used to support or refute almost any opinion, it seems almost redundant when you consider that everyone here trying to logicaly argu there point, yet none of them may actualy be right or wrong. I say each of us here just should continue to live there lives as they see fit. It is not necisary for you to convince IMM that you are right or for IMM to convince you that she is right. As long as you live your live as you see fit whether you are right or wrong is redundant.
  4. Cyberman

    Animal Testing

    My opinion is simply that at the moment the best way to test new medicines is to test animals, test humans, put it on the market. This is a time tested method, and though it has its moral drawbacks it is the best system we have right now. Maybe in the future these "Crulty free" mehtods will reach a certain point where they will be as reliable as the real thing so that it is not necisary to test animals, but untill then we have to grit and bear it.
  5. Don't be to surprised Doctor, look at this list off Wikipedia. Many of these should seem very familiar to most people here.
  6. Right I should have said "Whats with Furries?"
  7. One of my numerous hobbies is reaserching werewolf folklore on the internet, and in books. Lately whenever I find what I think is a reliable website I find references to something called a "Furry." At first I was puzzled by this and did some reasearch on wikipedia and found a section about "Animal Transformation Fantasy". What I seem to be finding is that a Furry is someone who participates in reading, writing, and other wise accesing media such as television shows, and comic books whose primary commonality is that the plot revolves around charactors that share physical qualities with humans and animals. I was immediatly reminded of a particular episode of CSI called "Fur and Loathing" wich faetured a group known as "Plushies" that would dress up in plush outfits resembling animals and engage in very disturbing sexualy oriented rituals that involved biting and clawing. From what I've read the bulk of these people called"Furries" don't seem to belong to this bizzare subgroup, but all in all I have to wonder. . . . . . Psycologicaly speaking, why would a Human fantisize about being an animal for any reason? My understanding was that generaly humans fantisize as a sort of wish fulfilment. What is it that seems so aluring about a non human form?
  8. Oh, didn't think about that. And by using selective levels of sheilding you could mimic the planets exact surface radiation levels that may be higher or lower than that of Earth.
  9. Wow this got off track fast . . . . . Anyway putting organisms into orbit could be useful for studying the possibility into exterraterrestrial life, however it be easier to just do it on the ground. You could do the same basic experiment on Earth, but without the hassle of "piggy backing" it to another mission or dealing with tha hassles of space travil like radiation, or cosmic rays which exist in much smaller quantities on the surface of any planet with an atmosphere.
  10. I recently had a thought, it is very difficult to study life on other planets because we haven't found any yet. All we have is conjecture about extreamophiles and the possibilty of similar life forms existing on planets with similar conditions. I wonder, how difficult would it be to create a large enclosed structure that would simulate the chemical composition, atmosphereic pressure, temepeature, and light levels of different planets in our solar system and just drop different exreamophile bacteria that have favorable traits into the enclosure and monitor their survival and/or death. We could observe the different qualities or lack there of that cause them to either live or die in the simulated environment. By experimenting over and over again it coud help one grasp exactly what is neccisary for alien life to exist on ther worlds.
  11. I agree, the problem with modern America is that every thing is political. Every time there seems to be something happening with the environment the ultra-liberal environmentalists need to make a big show out of it. I'm sure there are more moderate environmentalists out there but they don't make much noise compaired to the polerized ones. The problem in this reguard is that when someone is serious about a negative impact on the natural environment caused by Humans they just look like another extreamist environmentalist and arn't taken serously.
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