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  1. Is it possible to make Infra Red googles for night vision with ordinary house hold materials? If so, please tell me how! Thanks!
  2. sriram

    Log help

    Actually, is there any way how to find the lograthm of a number WITHOUR USING THE LOG TABLES ITSELF?? Is it possible? Please give a detailed explanation and steps to do that.
  3. Thanks for your advices! But anyway, there are many cheap lasers where people use in their key chains....Its enough if i know how to make it! Just a small one and cheap. Also, please help me in more advices... Thanks!
  4. Guys! Actually we have a science exhibiton in our school. Plz help me to create my own model or anything that will surprize others. Actually, i have an idea of making a "Laser". Could anyone help me by saying the steps to create a cheap and cool laser and any experiment related to laser. So that i will make a laser and also associate an experiment with it! Thanks in advance! You guys are really cool! I like this forum
  5. Nice idea, But anyway, What will be the final answes after integration of the fn. I need the final answer, soild answer. Thanks!
  6. Is it possible to integrate sqrt(sin x) My teacher told, its not? Why? If it is inegrable, how? Thanks!
  7. Actually, im not so very good at computers. But i want to be so. I want to learn Java, php etc., Im searching for a good tutorial which explains the basic, where can i get one? Thanks!
  8. sriram

    Setup wizard

    I have a doubt, We see many Setup.exe files that sets up a software, i want to know how can i create a setup wizard. Im not so great in computers, but i think i can learn a lot from you guys! Thanks in advance!
  9. Guys! One of my pals told me that when we go to space our height will be increased by about 2 inch! Is is so? Is true, plz tell me the reason! Thanks!
  10. Guy's i have a doubt in Schrodinger's equation! Im a beginner, so, anyone plz help me to understand the full equation clearly. Thanks in advance.
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