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  1. I have started to do literature search on "Angular Momentum ". This often leads back to spin , which is inevitable. However often circular orbits, having set circumference as a constrain for standing waves and hence leading to quantum mechanical ideas as supported by Bhor, are quoted as the classical angular momentum from orbitals. The angular momentum for electrons and other particles is said to be an additional element to the overall angular momentum of the system or atom. I am currently reading the Cambridge University Press book THE NEW QUANTUM UNIVERSE by Tony Hey and Patrick Walters which has some good explanations. The fact that the term angular momentum is applied directly to spin, still seems to infer that something ( even if it is ill defined by locality and non locality issues ) is generating a "force" be it by a principle of equivalence or some other mathematical transform. Can anyone share more ideas on the difference between classical angular rotation giving rise to standing waves, and Spin ( angular momentum) again in quantum terms of up and down spin?
  2. Thank you Mr Shaken not stirred "swansont". For your succinct comment. Surely we are moving from one simple statement like "spin" to another like "angular momentum". Perhaps I need to go and do some homework on angular momentum. But I thought it had something to do with mass and velocity not in a straight line but in some form of curved path. Perhaps this curved movement is more of a partial arc rather than a complete circle. This would infer more of a vibration than a spin. Is this leaning more toward string theory? I am aware that residual spin is the result of the sum of all spins within the system. However I still struggle to visualise (fatal comment) what is being summed and whats going on. Is that a gun that you are holding in your picture ? I suggest you use it on me while I am still sane ! Sorry! I did not realise there was a second page. Clearly this topic of spin, has a few persons with the sort of conceptual problems that I have. I must say I think it is a defeat if we give in to the oft quoted comment ." If you think you understand it , you have got it wrong" Feynman .
  3. Some famous maths person once said something to the effect that "if you cant jump off the back of a bus and go up to the first person you meet and explain in simple terms your theory, it is likely that it is not understood by yourself or others correctly " or something to that effect. Surely the fact that spin is so difficult to explain means , it is likely we don't yet fully and simply understand the subject of "Spin ". Is this not at the root of maths ( beautiful equations ) itself and symmetry. I would still like a simple and beautiful explanation of " spin " as applied to quantum mechanics . If possible .
  4. Thank you for your comments. I, perhaps foolishly, would like to do some research around the subject of "spin". Perhaps as Frank Wilczec voiced I am making trouble for myself. However I have a hunch ( eek ! ) that some goodies lay deep within this particular aspect of quantum mechanical arena.
  5. I for one would enjoy, hearing in a little more detail, how two identical things( electrons, states, atoms whatever ) are inherently prohibited from existing.
  6. I have been absent over the Xmas and new year, but am returning to the subject of spin. Surely the early founders of quantum mechanics such as Pauli used spin to derive the exclusion principal necessary for orbital or energy band structure for all ( the entire universe ) atoms. If the spin was not there, surely the universe would fall apart ! Although spin appears in all studies on quantum theory and is indeed used in ideas leading to quantum computing. It seems less spoken about in connection with quantum mechanics than perhaps the other aspects. Is this due to the fact that there is less understood about spin in the way that "wave particle duality " seems to leave many mystified ?
  7. Hi ! I have been interested in what makes the universe "Tick" all my life. I am an engineer/ Physics teacher and am very enthusiastic for the development of recent ideas about the structure of the universe at both the astronomic and atomic/ plank level. I am in my Sixties, Male, retired and looking to enjoy the ride as we make progress in our understanding of the cosmos. I love new ...

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  8. I find this subject interesting , yet at the heart of quantum theory. If anyone has any eureka feelings about " spin" at the quantum level please could you share them !
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