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  1. 'Dimensions', beyond the intuitive, are mathematical constructs - I have used a conserved (symmetrical) geometric illustration to try and retain a sense of intuition....hopefully to improve communications to further the discussion....a la Feynman - Me making it up (hypothesis) - The Universe is 'conservatively connected' (Tiled) - a spherical object moving through Time traces a torus (or it's 'unstable') e.g. electrons, moons, planets, stars. Only stable systems can underpin/define 'higher' systems/dimensions/geometries/fundamental forces....take your pick...I prefer geometry To 'conservatively evolve' spatial geometries - 1 'multiplies through division' (i.e. half it), rotate through next 'higher/spatial dimension' (e.g line - circle, positive & negative hemispheres), aka 'mathematically squared'. If we 'half n square' up to 6 times from a point we get an 'hourglass' - human observation has recently technologically observed this on a cosmological scale, however it pervades all scales IMO. As for a prediction from my hypothesis - Dark Energy is the angular momentum of the observable Universe and will tend from current estimations of 74% to 75%.....a half squared is a quarter
  2. Time is not the 4th dimension - within your concept it is the 1st....without Time there can be no movement and consequently no 'space'. Geometrically 1. Point Particle (Potential) 2. Straight line 3. Circle 4. Sphere 5. Torus 6. 'Hourglass' 7. 'Hourglass' (Wider with less height)....also known as the future. Observation 1. Electron 2. Electron Radius 3. Electron Orbit 4. Atom - Planets/Stellar Objects 5. Galaxy (Hole orbited by Spheres) 6. http://www.physorg.com/news189792839.html Geometrically the translations are performed by halving/dividing and rotating (maintaining conservation). Rotation is a squared function - a half squared is a quarter, which is why Dark Energy is observed to be (currently) 74%...they will find the missing 1% when the measurement improves. Dark Energy is the spin of the observed Universe - just as matter is localised energy through angular momentum.
  3. Time is simply potential - it does not 'require' space (it is the 1st 'dimension'). - Only our observation/measurement of it requires space. Time is only direction, which is why we can only travel through it at varying speeds but not against/counter it. (Travel to the past)
  4. Hume was a Reductionist - later expressed as a recognition in the field of Mathematics by Dirac as 'elegance'. The backdrop for the Scottish Enlightenment was a shifting away from Religious doctrine, in part due to our history with the Vatican. (Vatican supported English dominance over Scotland and at one point threatened the whole nation with ex-communication!) Scottish history is the ideal illustration of the negative effect Religious thought has on individuals and Society via it's removal.
  5. Complementarity - elaborated in this post: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/52738-relativity-principle/
  6. Enlightened Neo-Darwinist

    Relativistic Buddhist

    Misanthropic Humanist

    Lonely Mutalist

    ...that about covers it :)

  7. All life is defined by it's ability to reproduce, from the bottom up. DNA to Pimp Daddy 'Fitness' infers a purpose to be fit for - Evolution has no purpose/design. Adaptability incurs a relationship to a changing environment. If an asteroid was going to destroy 95% of life we would live underground, we adapt to survive - I don't incur any meaningful sense of fitness in this except fit to survive which is clearly adaptability. Many animals adapt by lying dormant through extreme drought until the rain comes - fit to sleep? (which I can relate too ) If it was physical fitness the dinosaurs would still rule but conversely it is the big ones that have the hardest time. from wiki (Adaptation) - Main Darwinian Evolution article is terrible IMO Adaptation is the evolutionary process whereby a population becomes better suited to its habitat.[1][2] This process takes place over many generations,[3] and is one of the basic phenomena of biology.[4] The term adaptation may also refer to a feature which is especially important for an organism's survival.[5] For example, the adaptation of horses' teeth to the grinding of grass, or their ability to run fast and escape predators. Such adaptations are produced in a variable population by the better suited forms reproducing more successfully, that is, by natural selection. Adaptation is the heart and soul of evolution. Niles Eldredge
  8. from wiki - -"Published by Werner Heisenberg in 1927, the principle means that it is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and momentum of an electron or any other particle with any great degree of accuracy or certainty. Moreover, the principle is not a statement about the limitations of a researcher's ability to measure particular quantities of a system, but it is a statement about the nature of the system itself as described by the equations of quantum mechanics. Consistency is not the same as objectivity, unless you reduce the Universe to a state of potential. Einstein hinted at the "nature" of the system (Universe), however he did not like the implications and did not accept the probabilistic derivative that is QED and the essence of the Uncertainty Principle. - Key is, however, that he could not offer a better counter point. Furthermore (wiki) - In March 1926, working in Bohr's institute, Heisenberg realized that the non-commutativity implies the uncertainty principle. This was a clear physical interpretation for the non-commutativity, and it laid the foundation for what became known as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg showed that the commutation relation implies an uncertainty, or in Bohr's language a complementarity. Copenhagen Interpretation (wiki) - In the earlier work of Planck, Einstein and Bohr himself, discrete quantities of energy had been postulated in order to avoid paradoxes of classical physics when pushed to extremes [bold for chronological emphasis] also from wiki The results of their own burgeoning understanding disoriented Bohr and Heisenberg, and some physicists concluded that human observation of a microscopic event changes the reality of the event. (bold: emphasis of the common misunderstanding)
  9. It is the inability to derive consistent/accurate (physical laws) from an objective frame of reference, as no such state exists. Einsteinian Relativity is the precursor to the Uncertainty Principle (you get to UP via RP). Einstein jumped off the bus but wasn't able to refute Heisenberg....and he tried. The implications of Relativity, such as the Principle of Uncertainty, and consequently QED is hard to take in a single lifetime. We know it to be accurate due to our good fortune of being told so and having it demonstrated throughout our lifetimes.
  10. I won't change semantics as it won't accomplish anything (re "witnessing"). It does mean that objective reality doesn't exist or if so considered can only be reconciled as a potential. This conforms to a Godlike (Infinite) viewpoint which is not evident in our Universe and is addressed in my initial post. The Uncertainty Principle was an implication of the Theory of Relativity - an implication that even Einstein revolted against yet could not counter effectively....we are the tumbling dice that will never come to rest.
  11. A singular frame of reference as we must experience it at any given moment or location. It is not different from anything else it just has profound implications such as; we can only infer the dynamics but never witness them (Uncertainty Principle). The analogy is limited and only in a limited way illustrates our limits.
  12. Thanks Sisyphus, cool diagram Seems from that diagram that pairing occurs along the Galactic plane . It is obvervable that Galaxies are related along 'superstrings' as measured by the COBE satellite as an aspect of the Universe 'expanding'. It is the nature of this relationship between Galaxies that prompts the question.
  13. When it is reduced to a single point of view, in this case yours, it is similar to adopting a preferred reference frame. A bit like taking a snapshot - you can see everything but the dynamics. I appreciate you can move and take a number of snapshots at different times and infer the dynamics however no single snapshot will give evidence of it.
  14. I know it doesn't postulate all galaxies come in pairs - that's what I'm trying to find out. It says they often do based on direct observation, which is a limited set. Susskind says all but 1 is moving away from ours - this suggests IMO our galaxy is paired. The Holmberg Effect is a relationship between pairs, considering he was using old tech I was hoping to gain a contemporary view. Preferably building in Dark Energy and the implications it may have for eventual equilibrium.
  15. No, it implies consistent. When you define it as result between 2 points you have objectified it at the expense of all other frames of reference. This limitation is inherent in us and indeed necessary to function on the scales practical to us...it is only an approximation however. Good enough to last 300 years without anyone noticing.
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