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  1. Thank for the link Starry.Skies! But after I visited it one more qestion emerged... I dont understand the part of the text:'a vast number of neutrinos blast out of the core' .What really happens there?
  2. Can anyone explain to me how do elements heavier than iron form?
  3. Well if the traveling to the past is possible why nobody hasn't come yet from the future?
  4. Phybiz


    Well I was also confused by the statement that some particles have no mass...I will try to help you by quoting an article that opened my eyes...'the mass of the particle is only the measurment of its interior energy(for atom for example it is the sum of energies from electromagnetic and strong interactions mostly)...if a partical is elementary it's mass is zero because there are no interactions in it...' So like Einstein suggested the mass is a type of energy ('condensed energy') and there is no point talking about mass in case of a photon because it is considered to be an elementary particle(it has no structure)
  5. Does anyone know where can I find some information about s,p,d,f lines (sharp,diffuse...),how did scientists explain them,and how they found out they were wrong?
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