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  1. How about making covered tunnels designated for bicycles and pedestrians?
  2. It's only a fringe activity because we keep neglecting it. One of the main points I'm trying to make is that it SHOULDN'T be such a low priority. You seem to be confusing this with some sort of inherent technical difficulty when in fact it's a matter of politics. And you still didn't answer my question as to what you would recommend. Yeah getting women educated and in the workforce is the best single thing we've got for this problem, but that's not enough either.
  3. You guys misunderstood me. I don't think space exploration alone is the solution for overpopulation. But is there a good single solution? This is one of those problems that needs to be attacked from a variety of angles. In this context it could be useful for overpopulation.
  4. That's easy. Just dress for the weather and wrap your stuff in plastic. There's no need for a canopy.
  5. We were making excellent progress in nuclear propulsion, and politics was really the only thing that brought that to a halt. NERVA met or exceeded all expectations and NASA had big plans for it. What really irks me is that people are so lackadaisical in their attitudes towards things like space exploration, but billions are thrown seemingly indiscriminately at the military. Scientists and engineers from pretty much any field that you can think of are finding creative military applications for their work w/ fecundity because it's an easy path to funding(if there really is such a thing). I wou
  6. You can use chemical power or even ambient thermal energy to power them just fine.
  7. When I first read the title of this thread I thought Martha Stewart might have found an odd new way to decorate.
  8. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Books have been written on this subject. How can you say no good reasons have ever been given? The problem is that with the way things are now, the currency is too easily manipulated at the whim of the Fed. Inflation is a hidden tax on the American people. This wouldn't be a problem if the currency was or was linked to something of tangible value.
  9. Why does it matter if the banks are in opposition to this? They're in the minority. Yes, I know they do in fact wield quite a bit of power, but if people are alerted to this issue, we can change things. Don't be intimidated by those thugs.
  10. Is that what is happening when we think they're biting us?
  11. This is an oversimplified proof. You seem to present the UTM as a thing that answers questions but then you hit it with a statement. I don't doubt the theorem because the original proof was good, but this proof isn't very convincing.
  12. Also listening to music can affect your heart rate, as your heart rate will drift towards the beat.
  13. I would hope that by that time we will have started colonizing space.
  14. Although we could do this, it seems like it would be easier to just focus on colonizing mars and the moon right now.
  15. 2 pages of arguing over the rules and nobody has even posted a theory yet lol.
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