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  1. you have to think about the mechanical side of things too if you just send light at a positron or any other anti particle particle it will most likely behave the same way. but if you have the entire functioning machine/anti atom or do you believe still that light will still interact in the same way. and here is a question do you believe the color wave spectrum of hydrogen and antihydrogen would both be the same if you passed the corresponding energy through a gas filled light bulb. energy by this i mean positron and electron like when your in highschool and they show you the atomic spectrum of different gases thats different for each atom
  2. i believe an individual in an negative world would perceive time exactly like we do as if it was moving forward. the only difference is in a negative world waves would be moving in a negative way thus gravity is a form of wave attraction or re condensation so the wave attraction in a negative massed world should be reversed and thus anti gravity properties should exist.
  3. so even though the positive structure is on the exterior of the atom instead of being on the interior you believe swansot that light would still interact with the antimatter in the exact same way. Because i am skeptical due to the fact that this hasnt been experimented with just contemplated
  4. if light is passed through a prism on earth it reveals all the wavelengths/frequency of light that we see as colors. but what would an anti matter prism produce would the colors be inverted or what. just a question thats been bothering me anyone have answers
  5. there are alot of what ifs when traveling in space but all you can do is hope for the best. By the time this suit exists there will probably be fusion reactors that could power a space ship. An improved fission reactor could work

  6. The suit would have to be magnetic if there was only a electromagnetic floor underneath because as you go further from these tiles the field weakens. so a gradual increase of magnetic strengths of metals would have to be used from the feet to the head. the power wouldnt have to be great because a magnet will seem stronger in space because there is no gravity fighting against the magnetic force. Also a computer could be connected to these tiles and could regulate the strength of the tiles. The computer wouldnt have to be in the room if the interference is too great. this is just one approach I have I also thought about different approaches but this is why this should be tested and analyzed over and over again until we find the right metallic materials for the suit and floor; there are also new magnetic materials that exist and I would like to mess around with those as well to see if it might benefit my suit in some way. There are many things though that must be taken in consideration I understand this but I believe this is completely possible just lots of testing
  7. so what your telling me is i couldnt create a space suit that has various metals placed in such a way that they form a magnetic north field on the exterior and your telling me there is no way that the interior of the suit could be south i believe your mind cant grasp a problem and figure it out
  8. the surface of the suit would be polarized north and the interior would be south and for repelling the suits wouldnt be extremely magnetically strong they wouldnt need to be since gravity isnt fighting against the magnetic forces
  9. the surface of the suits would all be the same magnetic polarity so they wouldnt attact they would repel and for the power it wouldnt have to be great because there is no gravity fighting against the magnetism it is true that the magnetic fields would cause some interference and it would be relatively weak because in space there would be no gravity fighting against the magnetic force i understand the organs in the body would float but it would put pressure on the muscles and bones and this would could be used for physical training. and for spinning a spacecraft to get the exact feeling of earths gravity the distance between the two modules would have to be great my idea is just a new approach to the problem of weightlessness and bone and muscle loss in space
  10. a magnetic space suit and electromagnetic tiles would be the bomb

    1. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      what if your equipment fails or your batteries run out?

    2. Magnetic Space Suit

      Magnetic Space Suit

      a ship with solar panels would continuously recharge the batteries

    3. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      what about if space debris batters the panels into useless junk?

  11. I want to engineer a room that has electromagnetic tiles on the floor and the surface of these tiles would be polarized south. i also want to create a suit that has various magnetic metals on the suit placed in specific anatomical positions and the surface of these metals would be polarized north. if calibrated correctly this could be used in space to pull down the person in the suit and allow the user to walk freely in a spacecraft. this would cause the person to use their muscles more often and the bones would have pressure on them. I believe this would either slow down or halt the process of bone and muscle loss. it isnt a complete solution but its a new approach to solving the problem of body degredation while in space. i believe it could work if i had a sponsor or some funds and a team of people who could help out i believe it is an ingenious idea. leave me any comments opinions or questions if you dont completely understand.
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