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  1. Can someone explain how Comets come to be and why they don't get destroyed sooner also how they stay in the same orbit, TA .. Are they parts of destroyed planets?????
  2. Alice what I was trying to get at is. Does man have to have an idol to pray to and is it only man that needs this. or did animals need this need also. it is only a hypothetical question. If animals didnt pray I guess there is no God as its only mans need.
  3. If god exists and I am not sure of this. We are here for a short time so far. agee? Dinosaurs were around longer, I ask lighthearted did they have a god to pray to??? Clear or what??sorry for being pathetic, I will try to aspire to your heights, phi for all...
  4. I must read more comics????????phi for all
  5. As I said, sorry if I was not clear.
  6. To what end. I ask?????Phi for All
  7. A scientist till the end..yt2095..We can all rely and rest in peace...
  8. So silkworm, Where ???? you seem pretty smart to me......
  9. Is it not so, most planets are built of almost the same material but in different quantities,Also the building bloks of life would also be the same, therefore would life be somewhat the same?????
  10. To what purpose would it be to have had another life. You would need memory to make it all worthwhile, I think we have only one life. Some dont live the One. There is no heaven, why should there be???????
  11. Man is different, don't think of the power man has, it could be his demise, no other creature is like man, also if we came from apes where is the link..
  12. Only illusions magic is not real..
  13. If we are saying that time travel is a possibility, and I don't.. we are then saying our life is mapped out and we follow the future, and what we are doing now has already happened. I just cant believe that. I think what is now is now. no past, no present, just the now
  14. I dont believe in that Ecoli. I believe in 1 history 1 outcome. nothing can be changed.
  15. Alice. No one knows what death is, we can only have ideas..... I am sure the Butterfly does not remember being a caterpillar. If it is the end then so be it.
  16. That I guess is the mystery, and why we are afraid. Someone said that everyone wants a long life, but no one wants to get old. But when you thik of it,its the ony system that brings new life.. Its fear of the unknown..
  17. saying that is true to a point.. you cant have 2 battle of Hastings. there was only one outcome of this battle, there cant be 2. So history cant be changed. If you went into a shop and bought a Cd last week. That will not be changed, ithappened and that is that.
  18. Its like all things, ideas are proved and disproved with new technologies. This is why we should keep an open mind to ideas that may seem out of sync with modern thought as they may be proved correct one day..
  19. The bible like any book is mans interpretation of ideas. not fact, History is one mans idea of what happened, if you asked 2 people today to write what happened in a given place you would have 2 stories of the same incident. So as for the bible, it may be true it may not, I guess we will find out in the end... but religious groups rule by fear and the unknown and always have..
  20. I was talking about the building blocks of life, these must have started around the same time, when it all begun with the big bang.....
  21. Most religions are based in fear. the unknown is an awesome prospect. We all fear death. This is why some abide the bible word for word.
  22. As far as I can work out in my layman mind, If we could go forward in time to the point of 1 millisecond, there would be nothing, as time in effect, has not yet happened. There can be no future, because the now is the only time we can be in, if we could go back in time, we had already done it, as time cant be changed, you cant have 2 versions of the same piece of time.(There cant be 2 versions of 2nd oct 1960 @10.30 am), its just not possible. Does anybody agree????
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