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  1. Hey Dr Dalek. I dont see any Chimps building roads etc....
  2. dolphins are pretty smart. they dont have leggs do they....
  3. Life can only be looked at in a way that we understand. We only understand life on this planet.We dont know yet how complex systems are out from this planet. This is all I was pointing out..Sorry....
  4. No I have not been watching anything. Its just true. how can you judge anything, if you dont have anything to compare it with?????
  5. Life is very complex we all know this, but what do we have to compare it with? This is all we know, Its the same as aything we know, we have to have somethig to compare to know if it is good or bad...
  6. DO YOU FEEL THAT WE NEEDED TO BE UPRIGHT.We are not faster for being upright. the only advantages that I can see are, being able to see farther and use of hands to carry, aws was said before
  7. You may be right, but apes are still here.in the form that they were then, so how is this the case. I am sure I am not looking at this the wrong way. This advancement is so much, in so short a time. it cant be the only reason.
  8. That might be so. But we pay the price, the spine did not improve with our advance. Strange that.
  9. Being Human has caused us a lot of problems. Our backs are weaker we also have a problem with Varicose veins and this is a problem with humans only..So why was this an advantage at the time we started walking upright, apart from seeing further.......
  10. The only way to explain what I would like answered is at the point that we were still part ape????? what caused our brain to become Human??? and ape to stay ape???...
  11. everyone has stated the same thing in a round about way, What I wanted to know is, where did the spark to have the human mind come from,and why did it happen.
  12. This age thing is what we know at the moment ,isn't it true that the goal posts change all the time as we gain more knowledge.
  13. If everything in time is destroyed by the movement of the plates in tectonics. everything going to the fire below and destroyed. We do not know what life was here before do we. Only what has survived...Any views on this?????
  14. Is it possible to Know our own destiny.??? like when we have dreams or manic thoughts. If so it puts a new meaning to understanding where we are going????
  15. So AzurePhoenix did we have the brain to evolve the way we did first. or did the chances come first. Either way I'm sure chances came to animals also and why didn't they take that chance????????
  16. Animals are doing nothing more than what they did in past times, they roam in packs as they did, we on the other hand, now have computers, phones, T V, etc etc etc. I dont think any more needs to be said. How did one brain progress and another didnt.???????Any ideas Ecoli???
  17. When you think about it. Animals are mentaly at the same stage they were a long long time ago, why is this??? It is strange that the human brain has developed in leaps and bounds, does anyone think that Animals could progress or are they that different, is it that we have a different type of brain, if so how did that happen. confussed here?? :confused:
  18. PLEASE READ MY POST BEFORE REPLYING TO IT. Well there we are, pity im not smart...
  19. ALICE ------- Then why??? after all these years, deaths, wars, famines and disasters are churches still going and priests saying god is good and all what is done in the world is gods need. This is a way of breaking down our laws of evolution. If you believe in evolution you cant believe in creation. My views on this is that man would go astray and cause more destruction, so he must be kept in check, the church is a good medium as there is no way of saying if what is said is true or false. As man likes to be safe he would like to think this life goes on after he departs this life. But I don't think that is the case, when our life ends that's it , it ends. for what reason in the first place, maybe that was luck and chance. But ALICE I don't think there was a god or anything else, There are lots of people who have died to save his fellow man, maybe Jesus was one of many. It must be your choice for whatever you do in this world, not anybody else's..
  20. Sorry to be a pain here. But I have another Question. Is it possible for a comet to slow down and stay in one orbit like a planet????????
  21. So Alice my question is, Why is it man that seems to need an Idol to pray to, are we foolish to believe in a so called god????
  22. Sorry Alice, I was not being mean,,,I guess its me that's dumb, as I didn't get my point across in the first place. Maybe I still haven't....?????
  23. Both of you have been very helpful, thank you, so we say that there orbit can change??? can there mass get a lot bigger???
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