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  1. My apologies. I won't do it anymore.


    It's ridiculous though that some starts a conversation with an insult.


    Hi my name is "whatever"


    You guys are morons,


    *insert topic*


    No offense to the staff but people are place lies and insults continuously, where to the point where half the discussion is about expressing fallacies and topics being 6 pages of nothing.


    I make one or two remarks that are out of line and I am the one being pointed out? I don't come here to read this sort of crap. I can get that anywhere else. I left reddit for that specific reason.


    It's just people boosting their own egos. There is more proper discussion going on at the MMA forums I frequent, and that's just sad.


    Out of respect to you guys I promise I won't resort to that sort of thing anymore *scouts honour* but when I or other people stop posting here, it won't be much of a mystery as to why, since there is no pay off for make respectful posts.


    I change my mind I am jsut going to find another place! It's been fun. I just don't have the patience for it anymore, that's my downfall but meh...


    You guys should though really make a new logo, it should boost sign up!

  2. Pangloss: That's an interesting point. I think the Obama administration has taken a good first step by making websites that give specific information to the public directly.


    I was a very skeptical person of the administration at first and I still am but how this administration has handled the issues lately has been impressive.


    It's too bad they can't create peer review panels for government lol.


    I think to these recent partisan wars have really opened my mind to what I do as well. I have no idea why I fall for it sometimes. I don't think I have been totally realistic. Maybe it just becomes easier to do. "It's the republicans fault". Little comments here and there escape you. When you see it in such an overwhelming matter you really see the effect it has and how damaging it can be.


    I hope this will be the case for a lot of people.


    navigator: You have no faith at all in the government at all do you? lol. Why? In regards to the health care..with a gloomy economy how long do you think it is appropriate to wait?

  3. I sort of like that as well, I find my mind likes to drift off and go to outlandish places, after reading some of my own posts I usually get confused as to what my original intent was, and realize how far off I went from it.


    Especially with learn. I finding that I try to get the whole picture at once. That's almost impossible, so I am trying now to learn how to break apart elements into chunks and dealing with that. I think what I am going to start doing is train my mind to find out what specific idea I want to present and than work on them individually, step by step.


    For learning I hope to test that as well. It sometimes feels like I am playing a broken record and whatever I learn a bit but my mind seems to trying to fit all that information right away in a big picture and it makes no sense. I am trying now to let go of that way of thinking and just work from the ground up.


    I've never been a strong proponent for medication. I would suggest more to find where the conflict is and solve it and if there is some biological aspect that restricts you than go for it.


    I think I have improved slightly since, because of trying to slow down and focus forcefully where it's becoming more natural, and I think that is the key.


    I don't know if you see my writing errors but I think that is part of my issue, I take multiple ideas and when I choose one the others sort of linger around and show up as interruptions or half and half thoughts.




    "I think I have improved slightly since, because of trying to slow down and focus forcefully"


    I will get there eventually!

  4. Given the recent discussion about plans failing or working (L vs R), Do you guys think if Obama's plans work out, that the whole left vs right thing will die down as well?


    This whole conversion from Bush to Obama has really kicked up the parties drive to make everything politic. I am pretty sure if Obama bought a dog, there would be a political story attached. Say a white poodle, would be seen as "Obama brings white slave to white house!" joke of course.


    Also have we sort of brought this upon ourselves with the vindictive behaviours (Atleast I can say I attributed to it) with the attacks on Bush. Even though I do find there is slight difference because his action have been brought to light as being wrong, and I think outrage was somewhat justified.


    I just see that we are slightly forcing politicians to be too much of a politician, which is far from how I usually viewed them. I am starting to see that politicians are a product of their base. That base is slowly fading with the BS.


    Are we ever going to be getting out of this cycle? If Obama fails it's going to chaos. Are we really dependant on one man to create good change? The more I think about Obama has to have the toughest job in the world right now.


    Someone at CERN could make a blackhole that would devour our galaxy, and we would be fighting Obama's plan lol.


    Will there be a time when parties can agree to disagree and sit in the same room without all the drama and BS? I am not saying we have to guilt accept our oppositions opinions, nothing wrong with a solid arguement, but I kinda feel like, we are all missing the point or something.


    (nothing strongly for a specific topic, but generally around the idea I plaster all over the place. Trying to give no limitations if that is allowed, I like free discussions they can go bad but they can go good too)



    What does that have to do with the ability to properly discuss issues based on the merits of the proposal?


    That's the issue! there is no argument at all to against the bill. The fact that there are left extremist defending the bill with stupid tactic doesn't address that when the opposition to the bill has NO argument and reverts to tactics such as described by the OP doesn't change the fact that this tactic is NOTcreating stimulation or progressive dialogue over said issue i,e, health care reform.

  6. Navigator,


    you have an alternative idea to health care reform? If this bill is so horrible and disasterous, how come people are resorting to these tactics.


    I hear a lot "That won't work" but no why it won't work except for that the government magically can't do healthcare properly, with no real reason other than that they are government. On top of that there is NO alternative presented besides..."Free market!" It's not an argument.


    So how again is this method to opposing the bill presented which I doubt anyone has a great hold on to begin with will benefit form this course of action?


    What's so efficient by doing this. Forget parties, two sides, one object presented from one side created to make a better system. What works better proper communications or facts? or political tactics that have nothing to do with it?


    It's cool you presented the side of left and it's mistakes but beyond that....You still have a war of disinformation to handle.


    That's the essence of this thread.

  7. dichotomy,


    I don't know if you notice...but you are full of shit lol, and I think you know it.


    You are picking apart unreasonable SINGLE examples of proof and making it seem as if it discredits the moon landing as a whole or at least places it in an unknowable "for sure 100%" category...FINE. Then after people get frustrated at other peoples inability to take scientific, logical, and rational approach, REPEATEDLY using the same method, you condemn them but not the other people?


    If you want to look at assumption why do you dismay that if there is indeed a suggestive nature to the technology used than, why the Russians would just let it go? How much money and effort did they spend in the space race? Why would they based on inconclusive evidence just accept that USA beat them.


    how do you account for that line of logic, because what you are suggesting is that at best is that a shuttle made it to the moon. What evidence do you have that there were no people on that flight?


    You are clearly not in anyway taking the proper road scientifically. you can question all you want but you are not taking the path you think you are taking.


    I don't see how 99% chance of something being correct is in anyway worse than the 1% if you accept that you can never be 100% certain of anything. It's ridiculous and I am certain if you allow yourself to be unbiased you would see it as well, but I think you get more entertainment this way.


    I suggest everyone just stop replying to this non sense.


    (after me of course :P)

  8. Eh, I don't know about that. In 1900 there was an entire political party (the Populists) predicated on vaguely anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about the "Gold Power." There were Klan rallies down Pennsylvania Avenue in the early 20th Century. These little spasms of craziness are nothing new, narratives of decline notwithstanding.


    My history sucks but there was time when saying something about your leaders could warrant something close to captial punishment. I am just trying to illustrated the flipping from one extreme to another like government or societies interpretation of civil disobedience.


    It should be virtuous to act properly and coherently, the deliberate teaching of people to do the opposite is unacceptable, and should not be safe guarded under the disguise of freedom of speech.

  9. How is what Inow presented not factual and based on opinion?


    Has yelling and screaming become accepted as good argument? I thought that was mostly for 3-10 year old. We need to stop defending people who do not act properly. Sure it's counter productive to label, but when your opposition acts like a child the discussion is already at a stand still.


    This is bad, I think people are underestimating the seriousness of allowing this to happen. Our society is degrading in the opposite direction. !00 years ago this sort of behaviour would of been shunned and most likely criminal. I accept that freedom of speech is important or we limit ourselves and open windows for abuse as been shown in the past, but somehow we allowing to go to a point where freedom of speech is destructive. It's being flipped to the other side.


    This is abusing freedom of speech plain and simple. It seriously needs to stop.

  10. What I am getting here is that particle interaction is different than particles which interact with each other for long enough periods to allow other interactions to happen and then again allow other types of interactions to exist and so on.




    We define being alive as arbitrary limit of interactions?


    By the definition of what is consider alive, I think it's wrong to say atoms are alive, but to separate atomic arrangements as being different from biological arrangements is even worse.


    Just because our body is designed for the reconstruction of matter and reorganizing it so that we as an organism continue to function doesn't give it some special status.


    An atom requires specific elements for it to remain in it's current configuration. Is an atom of hydrogen different from independent component of bind force quarks, and electrons?


    The only difference is that chemical compounds can't exist without the structure being in place. Without chemical bonds and arrangement biological matter can not be created.


    Without atoms without chemicals there is no biology. Your only argument is the way alive is being defined, and I am not going to have a semantics debate with you.


    You don't have to tell me where I am I know, and besides definitions all you have is opinion.

  11. How are atoms not alive? If you could see your own and everything elses atomic interactions, how would you differentiate?


    We see our skin and our heart and organs because that's what our eyes and brain do. You think what you are viewing is really a fair reflection of reality?

  12. Martial arts wise, I am probably restricted to the classes I can get in the gym. I will have to find out what they do. I know they do karate and judo, but I am not sure what else.


    I mainly want something where I can subdue rather than hurt. I have only ever been in one fight as an adult and I just decked him. He went down and didn't get up and I was terrified I had killed him.


    You live in the UK right? I heard a lot about knives being an issue. The thing with subduing someone or holdin them down you one leave yourself open for attack by other people around you, also if he has a knife you don't know about, he can take it out and stab you.


    I took a knife fighting course, which I found kinda funny, but what I did take away from it was that if someone wants to stab you...he will. I think I got stabbed over 200 times in 2 hour period and I have my own fake knife with me to defend myself.


    That's why most places will say ever get into a grappling situation in a street fight, because it puts you in a vulnerable position.


    What you did was perfect, and I would suggest that you try to get rid of the feeling of guilt or reserve to hurt someone. You don't seem like a guy who wants to hurt people, but if someone attacks you he is threating your health and you have to do whatever it takes to stop it. Hitting someone once and ending a fight is the best way. Break someone's nose, kick to the groin and walk away. it's brutal I know, but when it comes to survival it always is.


    Unless you want to become a bouncer (the people that kick people out of bars) I would not take the path of only learning to subdue people. It's good to learn how to handle yourself in a situation if it comes to that, but I would never ever recommend it as a self defense mechanism.


    I'd say take a few judo classes and karate and keep with it, see if you can find someone to join you and you will benefit.


    Most karate style focus on hitting and back away, which is good concept, you don't want to be very close unless you know what you are doing. With judo, if someone grabs you, you will be more comfortable in that situation, and help defend from being taken down. and if you are you will be prepared. Most fight apparent go to the ground, but still I would be suprised if someone told you it's ideal to let it go there.



  13. i never mentioned that i 100% belive in that "conspiracy theory" and neather do i have any motive to make people think like this .............i mentioned that you are free to take your own conclusion ................it is like if you see only one part of the thing then you can not analyz the reality ...........i just wanted to inform people about the second side the "moon landing"

    you should never say that you think is 100% correct because probability is never 1or 0 . it is always between 1-0 that is to mean that you can not be 100% sure of any out come of the event ( until the function in valid )............................!!!!!!!!!


    So if someone is pointing a gun at you and says that he less than 100% sure that it will fire when he pulls the trigger that you would entertain the idea that there is less than 1% chance of it not firing and stay in the path of the bullet?


    What your saying is pointless, of course you can't be 100% certain, but the landing on the moon has a near 100% certainityof happening, and that small percent of doubt accounts for divine intervention.


    It happened let it go. Everything has been explained. If you are doubting you don't understand the proof, there is no need to entertain other idea besides your own interest, but it doesn't change the facts.


    There is no other side just manipulation of "facts" and misunderstanding.

  14. Nice Severian, have you asked the trainer at the gym about it. To me you just seem like one of those naturally big guys. I know a lot of Ukrainian people that are like that. Big and strong. If you don't have a belly, than I don't think you have to worry much. I have a bit of belly with some ab muscles showing and my BF is in healthy range. It might be just your size....it's based on average right. The trainer might have a different way to calculate it. If what you are saying is true it might be dangerous for you to go that low. To have that BMI seems seriously misleading...I would see if the gym has a body fat analyzer and see if you can get someone to check it for you. I serious think you would be in like the 18 - 22 bf range. Damn it! not only do I have to catch back to where I was and my little brother, now severian too! The pressure is intense...I am going to have to quit smoking :(


    MY suggestion for martial arts:


    For purely self defense, commando krav maga. My older brother takes it and we both love martial arts he has shown me some aspects to it and it's pretty interesting, I want to take it one day too. It focuses more on surivival. Krav Maga is pretty much the same but commando adds judo and jujitsu techniques, it has mostly open hand or palm strikes to reduce injury. Knife and gun disarms. Basically it's "I don't want to fight you, I don't want to fight you"...*BAM* person is down and you get away.


    If you are a big guy like you said Judo might be interesting, If you get good at it you can use aspects to defend yourself but most people don't recommend grappling in a street fight. I wouldn't but you would be more comfortable in a situation where I guys trying to grapple you. Everyone says mauy thai, I am not a big fan of it. Jujitsu is interesting,,,,I want to give that a shot, it's grappling as well but more focused on the ground, defending from the back and on top and using technique, usually frustrating at first and probably more so for bigger guys, boxing would probably be the best. If you did boxing and judo, I think you would be ok.


    Other than that anything really. Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do (the kicking might be a bit much), wrestling, See if there is any club in the area that offer a free lesson and try it out.


    To me defending your self and being a good fighter are more along the lines of the individual. I will never say that one style is better than the other. In the end the best defense is not fighting or avoiding since anything can happen.


    I am slightly obsessed though, you might not want to take my advice.


    lastly I will leave you with some humour from my fellow dutch man, EX UFC champion Bas Rutten.with self defense




    I am going to stop I could go on forever. I love the fact that there are other people here that are into martial arts, I recommend it to anyone.

  15. I have a scale that tells my body fat percentages.


    Right now I am at 24.7 percent.


    I weight 195 and 6'0"


    BMI with that would be: 26.4


    It doesn't take into count muscle mass.


    I am hoping to get down to 18 - 20 BFP.


    while retaining most of my muscles. I work hard for them damn it. If you can afford a gym membership I would suggest getting a trainer to get you started on weight-lifting, Even though I am not skinny, I can preform as well or more than most fit people who are without the same muscles. Especially as you get older and muscle deterioration becomes more common it will help out a lot. (wiki says I am in normal BF range, but definitely not athlete range lol)


    What is good too is martial arts....you should check that out severian, even like fencing or something....any activity that you can enjoy and isn't too stressing that will promote activity without it getting boring. I run stairs pretty much every day, and that gets quite repetitive. you need to do something that you constantly do, because it takes a long time


    I use to be 235 with no nearly the same muscles mass, It was pretty bad, It's been 2 years and I am still working on it. I noticed too exercise calm the hunger for me. Not every has this but it would be interesting to see for yourself. Walk up some really long stairs and back down, and see if it affects you in the same way....it might work. You can go for a walk if you feel cravings.

  16. I agree.


    Did any one catch these two interesting facts from the story?


    - This is a professor who teaches about the history of racism in this country


    - This is a police officer who teaches courses on the pros and cons of racial profiling



    I'm not suggesting that either one deliberately set this up. I'm suggesting that they may have seen what they were looking for. The professor have have known how his actions looked and expected to be racially profiled if the cops happened by. The police officer knew what might happen and expected the professor to react in that manner.


    This may be a learning opportunity of a different nature from what people think.


    I find it difficult to accept that a person who has invested that much time to a specific cause would use it for something so cheap. How long has he been at that house, how do the neighbors not see he lives there? Asked for two forms of ID and called the university. Would these police have done the same to John Finley Jr. Who know. Maybe they all were having a bad day. His door was jammed after all. I could see the issue if he broke in, but his door was jammed.


    That could be the case too that he saw an opportunity. Controversy does help in one way. It does open up for dialogue. Police brutality does happen and race is an issue too much of the time.


    The ends justify the means sort of thing.

  17. I think there will have to be time where we can't get upset about every incident of racism. I am not saying allow it to happen, but by constantly making a race an issue, it stay one. As a white person that's easy to say. Like you said there is a road of civility we all have to walk regardless if it's the most popular one. Start looking at each other as humans not races.


    I think it a good approach for Obama to go. That you don't have to be outraged at the possibility that race was involved. Talk about it. Now everyone is on the defense. It's like walking on eggshells. It has to end at one point.

  18. I think that rule works within the universe only. outside is unknown. It's nothing. If space expands, how does nothing stop it? I think you could say nothing is not descriptive, no structure or form or anything.


    I think the hard part to get around is the point, being a point with nothing around it. Like if you draw a black point on a piece of paper.


    I think maybe that a lot of the confusion comes that we say nothing is the piece of paper but really it's the black dot without the paper, we just need the paper because of how our brain needs structure.


    "Nothing" is hard to express.


    correct me if I am wrong with this.

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