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  1. If it was a joke I would've posted it in another section...
  2. I'm sorry you took a little brain buster so seriously...
  3. I never limited the number of diamonds to just his grill... the average rap supafly superstar has many more diamonds per square inch than just in his mouth... think outside the box people
  4. Anyone got any advice on solving equilibrium problems with Le Chatliers principle... also any explanations of shifts in eqiulibrium reactions would be greatly apprecaited!
  5. LSD is illegal... you people make me sick
  6. i cant believe no one has gotten it! the answer is so obvious!
  7. MEHHHHHHHHH god can't die... he's god, he's above a meer mortal like all of you and i use the term god loosely
  8. how much pot have you smoked today? we would be super human, amazing beings, we would rule over all things land and sea
  9. please dont make fun of other's beliefs its rude its crude and makes you all seem dumb
  10. sex is a dirty practice, resulting in unwanted children and disease that can kill you
  11. No one? giving up i see... THE MAHARAJAH IS YET AGAIN VICTORIOUS unless... someone has the answer?
  12. I dont feel comfortable sharing my beliefs but if others do.. be my guest, be my guest, but our service to the test, tie a napkin round your neck cherie and we provide the rest, soup du jour, hot h'ordeurves, why we only live to serve, try the grey stuff, its delicious, dont believe me ask the dishes sorry, i have showtunes on the brain, but i understand how touchy this subject is lets just turn the thread around to this: "If heaven exists what would you like god to say to you when you arrive there?" "What is your favorite smell?" im sorry guys you guys are really great, im sorry for causing so much drama, no no drama, no no no no drama.
  13. Im sorry, but based upon my own beliefs I don't think heaven exists; I didn't mean for this to incite such a flame war... and I don't feel the need to explain my deepest beliefs and relationship with god and an afterlife to everyone on this forum.. I was asking how you all felt... but apparantly my motive was lost
  14. can we have a thread just called "lol" where every post must end in lol?
  15. whats your imput? i have come to the conclusion that its scientifically impossible
  16. oH mY GaW3d ChUcK n0RriiS, dAt iiZz s0 oRiiGiinAL how did you ever think to talk about chuck norris again, i guess people on this forum really are intellectually enhanced! yourdadonapogos, that post was worthless
  17. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe Rosie O'Donnell reads this forum?, imagine how hurt she would be. The eating disorders that it would spawn could result in her death, could you live with that?
  19. Life is what you make of it as in: "people who post on SFN have little to no life" or "theMaharajah has an awesome life" meer examples, they hold little to no truth
  20. While I appreciate the scentiment Illumanti, I was being serious with the title Brain Buster, and seeing as though no one has solved it yet I think the title is quite appropriate, unless you can solve it? so maybe you should reevaluate your own problem solving skills before putting down others MEH
  21. ROTFLMAO, TITF!!!!! MSHFLSM!!! The people on this show are so dumb they wouldn't know how to tell a cation from an anion if it hit them in the gluteous maximus.
  22. MEHHHHHHH its ACCEPTED... if you are going to post in this forum please use correct word usage. homophones are the homoenemy
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