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  1. Thanks! you're awesome! but im not gonna do chlorine, because i dont want to kill myself.. lol
  2. How can i purify it? right now i only have 3% and thats not good enough so how can i purify it? oh and i dont have any non household items i can add to it so pleese dont suggest it. Thanks for the help, dcstegg
  3. i didnt wwrite it i just got it off of a website and it said that... so i supose its horibly wrong.
  4. Blood eh? 'slit' ahhhhhhh.... lol i read that it was posible with a potato, true or false?
  5. thanks, oh and i want to make them because its cool.. and i can..... maybe.
  6. i read this on a website "A regulated DC voltage source is preferable to ordinary batteries. Use a supply with built-in current limiting- this is a feature of almost any decent power supply, but double-check just to be safe. You can start the source out at its lowest voltage setting and gradually increase the voltage until a steady, controlled electrolysis reaction is taking place. Electrolysis can force many chemical reactions to go against their "normal" (spontaneous) direction; this will occur when a certain electric potential (i.e., applied voltage) is reached. For example, an electric current can cause Pb++ ions in water to form PbO2 (solid) and H+ (aq.), a reaction which normally proceeds the other way." i have no clue whjat either of theese are but i think i made pb02 and h+ , because there is a clear solid like stuff floating around in the container i made it in.
  7. and n2 is? nitrogen something...? id like some nitrogen to if thats what it is.. but whats the 2 for? can you explain the subscript superscript and normal numbers mean when they are next to a letter like N or H wich i think are nitrogen and hydrogen. all i know is h20 is 2 hydrogen one oxygen
  8. will the carbon dioxide be pure when i burn a match under a glass?
  9. i want things like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and any other gas that wont kill me. so what can i make and how?
  10. im only 15 and havent even taken chemistry in science class.. but things like this intrest me allot. i realy dont know what magnesium? whatever is and io certainly dont have it. Can i use a similar process to break it down like i do with water? or what else can i do and what will be produced?
  11. i heard it has oxygen in it or sumthing... what ways can i get either pure oxygen from it or pure hydrogen from it? i tried electrolosys with watter to get oxygen and hydrogen but its way to slow...
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