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  1. Hmm...




    Does not sound to nice. The MSDS sheets also seem to indicate that there could be a lot of bad effects from using it here.


    I'll stick with chlorine based compounds :D


    Cheers' date='


    Ryan Jones[/quote']



    It,s not exactly 100% bromine.. its a powder or a big pellet like the standard pool chlorine, but it's smell is much better not worse!

  2. You didn't learn anything from your experience with the exploding 120V electrolysis cell. Did you? :mad::-(


    If a balloon' date=' filled with H2 and O2 in a 2 : 1 ratio explodes near you, especially when you are inside a room, then there is a reasonable chance that it will be the last thing you will ever hear. The BOOM is extremely loud and may well damage or destroy your sense of hearing! What is so funny of this? Are you the next k3wl on this forum :confused: ?


    Please do not do this experiment![/quote']




    Oh, no... not like that! Im doing it all outside and im never going to be less than 20 feet from the balloon. Pluss im assuming it will be quite high up before it lights and blows up. BUT if you still dont think i should do it... i guess i wont.:-(



    Whell me and my k3wl ass self decided to use 120 v 60 hz current for electrolosys like i was told wouldnt be safe... so anyways i was amazed at how much gas was being made! and then the electrodes tuched sparked under water and made an explosion of hydrogen oxygen and electricity spraying water and sparks everywhere. And as the cloud of smoke rose from the container i decided i was done... forever. oh and WOW that was scary

  4. A few points. Chlorine gas indeed is green and you do not need that much to see the green color. Here is a sample of 300 ml of almost pure chlorine gas (it contains a little amount of air and possibly some CO2' date=' but at least 90% is chlorine gas):




    When you use 120 V AC, then you'll have the anode and cathode reversed with the frequency of the alternating current. At the cathode, H2 is formed. At the anode, the metal will go into solution, but at the very high potential of 120V at the peaks, certainly also quite some oxygen will be formed. The net effect of the alternating current will be dissolving of both electrodes, formation of hydrogen and formation of some oxygen. So, if you collect gases from the electrodes you'll obtain a mix of hydrogen and oxygen in a ratio, well below 2 : 1. But still, the amount of oxygen may be sufficient to make a highly explosive mixture. A mix of hydrogen and oxygen is REALLY dangerous. Igniting it will cause a violent explosion, not only if the gas is in a confined space! So, this is NOT a good way to make hydrogen gas.


    You'll not obtain any chlorine when you use metal electrodes. So, it is perfectly understandable that you do not see any green color.[/quote']


    What if i used stainless steel.. would it still break down? and is that what 60hz means 60 timnes per second?

  5. Probably the wrong section but i realy dont know where to put it.. so aynways,


    How did the universe come to be? Because the big bang isnt making much sense right now... Where did the dust come from where did the space come from.. where did gravity come from where did atoms come from and electrons protons neutrons and the thjings that make those.. i realy just dont get it.

  6. I beg to differ. A computer I saw (ie. in real life' date=' not a picture) just yesterday happened to have 90TB (that is 90,000GB!) of storeage space, that sounds like a lot more than I could hold!


    NB: The computer also had 400 individual 64-bit processors, 400GB of RAM etc. etc. btw, it wasn't mine, shame, but there ya go!


    Also my computer which can handle several million calculations per second is a tad quicker than my brain, maybe not yours, I wouldn't know![/quote']


    Maybe calculations in math but your brain uses only 5% of its power to controll evbreything you do at any given time. and i think the brain holds more than 90tb


    maybe it holds like 1pb or sumthin (1024tb) and 90tb is 92160gb

  7. Well... not a lot.


    Dissolve it in Sulphuric acid to make some HCl' date=' dissolve in water and make Hydrochoric acid.


    Other then that some elctrolysis maybe... not a great deal you can do with it :S




    Ryan Jones[/quote']



    Wait? what?? disolving it in water wont make acid? will it? because i need some

  8. ok i've got one' date=' You've probably all heard it before, but anyway:


    A man is walking in the desert, he is captured by some local tribesmen. They take him to their king.

    The king says to the man: "you have a chance to say one sentence, it has to be true or false. If you say a true sentence I will kill you quickly,If you say a false sentence, I will kill you slowly."


    The man says one sentence, and the cheif has to let him go.


    Now I've heard many plausible answers to this riddle, all correct, and because of that I'm only going to accept the one I'm thinking of HEHEHE :D


    have fun with that one if you dont already know it!!![/quote']




    you will kill me slowly

  9. You'd need a hell of a lot of Helium I'll tell you that - took the Mythbusters a few thousand just to lift a small child off the ground.


    Cheers' date='


    Ryan Jones[/quote']


    I was just gonna say that.

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