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  1. It sounds like the pharmacological-microbiological route is the one I'd be best at, and enjoy the most. What are the best schools for this particular area of study?
  2. I'm going with Obama on this one, I think when opening a pharmaceutical company it best to actual know how to make pharmaceuticals and not just manage money. Anyway from what I can see on the internet University of California at San Francisco is the best. What do you guys think? P.S. I live in the western United States and I don't what to moving to far.
  3. I want to open pharmaceutical, biomaterials, and chemical company?
  4. I want to become a person who use biotechnology to engineer pharmaceuticals. What type of degrees and which school would the best for me?
  5. What is the best microscope you can get for 250 US Dollars?
  6. After see make: magazine's Joule Thief I want to "make: a toroid transformer":D. Does anyone know any link to a comprehensive explanation on transformer calculations(like turns of primary, or secondary coil for upping or downing voltage/amperage)? I think some the the variables are primary wire turns, primary voltage, primary amperes, secondary wire turns, and secondary resistance load?
  7. I have some Polystyrene Test Tubes and I was wondering if could autoclave(pressure coooker) them? Test Tubes
  8. I've tryed do the DynDNS thing is same pretty difficult : ( .
  9. Does anyone know which ISPs allow you to host a website from my PC computer? Some don't allow static IPs and IP forwarding(if you have a router, I do). Some ISP(all in America) examples would be: Verizon Time Warner Comcast Adelphia
  10. How do I make a blog?
  11. What is the best microscope to get for around $250 bucks and around 400X to 1000X, also I found Konus microscope and wanted to know the quality(metal screws, metal outside, lenses, smooth tuning, go resolution)??? Website: http://www.konususa.com/ http://www.opticsplanet.net/konus-microscopes.html
  12. Is the AXL binocular a good starter microscope?
  13. Does anyone know what the quality Omano's microscope are? Are they a no name microscope dealer, or are they comparable or at least as known as Nikon, Olympus, or Carl Zeiss? I found some other microscope companies can someone tell if they are good? 1. Konus 2. Meade
  14. i think i will use my ip address
  15. I have an apple (v10.4.10), I wanted to know if I could host from it using a regular .com url like http://www.something.com without spending money instead of using my IP address?
  16. Cool, Thank you for the info on the fuel cell.
  17. What is the highest concentration that i could use without heat being an issue or is that 3%?
  18. I was wondering why this fuel cell needs 3% methanol and if you gave it a higher percentage it make the output go up?
  19. KFC

    Radioactive Heat?

    There is a lots of other particles(main alpha as stated earlier) that come out of Am is there anyway to turn those in to heat for maximum efficiency?
  20. KFC

    Radioactive Heat?

    What would I coat the americium in for it to generate heat to power catalyst?
  21. KFC

    Radioactive Heat?

    to heat a water decomposition catalysts to make Hydrogen and Oxygen for a fuel cell. I never heard of an nuclear battery, is it pracital to make one.
  22. KFC

    Radioactive Heat?

    What chemical would turn Alpha decay into heat? Would Americium be a good source of alpha particles? Enough to keep 30 grams of water at 60C.
  23. KFC

    Radioactive Heat?

    Which ones produce more heat then other decay(gamma, alpha, beta), and more importantly that will not hurt me and less risky?
  24. What radioactive element produce heat in their natural decomposition, or combination of radioactive element produce heat?
  25. PM Me if you hear anything about the qulity of Amscope microscopes in the way-a-way future or post for every to see.
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