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  1. The problem with cannabis' date=' is there are no road side test you can carry out like alcohol, to see if someone is under the influence. Most tests for cannabis such as urine, hair, blood etc take a long time to carryout and can easily give false positives from legal drugs such as Ibuprofen, Naproxenm, Ketoprofen.


    I agree that a lot of drugs can be taken WITH moderation with little or no ill effects, but it is extremely nieve of you to think legalising all drugs will be of beneifit to society. Not everyone has enough self control stay off hard drugs, or take substances in moderation, which is why drug laws (even if nonsensical at times) need to be in place.


    Can you honestly say that a society where heroin and crack cocaine would be freeley available to people suffering with depression, low self esteem and no self control etc would be a good place to live?[/quote']



    For crack addicts and heroin users.

  2. Everything put on earth is here for a reason. God (if you belive in him) put Marijuana and all those other products here for a reason. No drug should be illegal. Just people who are under the influence should not be allowed to use machinery. They made breathilizers, Im shure they can make weed detectors. But some drugs should be used as a way of getting the truth.

  3. They also made them work for long hours. There was also a woman who asked for more food on Yom Kippur (a jewish fast day) the Nazis stuck her upper body in a oven and beat her loewr body. She fainted, they poured water over her face and hit her with a blunt object 20 times. She fainted again and they hit her 20 times again. All that while being in an oven. As you can see in my 7th grade History Fair project:






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