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  1. Try the Pool suply store and thats not really that pure.
  2. I looked at the Graham Condenser on United Nuclear and it said it would Make or concentrate acids. http://www.unitednuclear.com/other.htm
  3. If I had sulfuric acid in a Graham Condenser and adden Limestone it would become more corrosive?
  4. You could find sulfuric acid in car batterys but I dont think that it is very pure.
  5. CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS MATERIALS REQUIRED: Ammonium Nitrate Instant Cold! Mix just a small amount of water with Ammonium Nitrate, and the temperature immediately drops to near freezing! Make your own instant Ice Packs! An easy and surprising experiment. I got this from United Nuclear. http://unitednuclear.com/experindex.htm
  6. Thank you for seeing things my way. I am a really safe person. I only pop M-80 when no one's around.
  7. I met that lady from twister (bill paxtons wife) at chuck-E-Cheese.
  8. If there was a black whole the size of a marble on earth, How fast would it consume us?
  9. I meant like most corrosive. And I do listen to advice and I dont do stupid things. I plan to study Chemestry in College. I only asked this question to be informed.
  10. Whats a Kewl? And what is the most powerful acid?
  11. What would happen if the earth would be pulled into the black hole. Would we die. Or would we turn into spaghetti?
  12. United nuclear is a very recourcefull website. It has cutting-edge lasers and uranium.
  13. But not if you do it on your little piece of Land or Mexico.
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