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  1. Thanks I understood most of that, although I must admit this is a little over my head. dU = Hin - Hout + Win - Wout + Qin - Qout Well here is another if you want to. What similarities are there between what you just explained and a conventional explosive. In other words what factors are the same in the release of energy from solid matter when compared to the release of energy from compressed gasses?
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Your opinion is educated and logical. I would like to ask you a few more questions if I may. I'm guessing your a busy man so I appreciate any time you have given me and understand if you don't donate anymore. If anyone else wants to take the question that's cool the more the merrier. Lets just try to keep it as precise possible, with as little opinion as possible. The first question has to do with a air tank filled with compressed air. When its valve is opened and all the air escapes, we can observe, that the tank gets very cold. Why does the tank get cold and what does it do to the surrounding air? If something is wrong with my question, please let me know and please be polite.
  3. Ok maybe your right. but if that's true you or SOMEONE should report him to this place. http://www.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp I don't see any prof of fraud, pardon me if I don't take your word for it. Asking for donations does not prove a fraud, and your statement shows that you have not look into weather or not this is real which is the only way to know for sure. That is why im willing to admit the POSSIBILITY he might be a fraud be cause I have never seen it work. I am also NOT affiliated with any of these web sites and have nothing to gain. Unless you count living in a better world a gain. So call him a fraud if you want but with out proof it just may be you that turns out to be the fraud. Thanks for your input no hard feelings I hope. If you feel mad just remember what Jewels said in pulp fiction: "Look my friend, this is just where me and you differ" P.S. No one should give or spend any money at that guys site or any other similar unless they are buying a engine(stirling or if you can afford it one of the quasiturbines). If any one wants to know how it works or how to mod a current engine they can email me (doing so you release me from any liability for actions you may take due to our communications. In short I accept no reasonability for you or any one else's actions stemming from this topic) at nathanmcdonald@hotmail.com please make sure the subject is to the point or it will go to and stay in the junk mail
  4. Just to set the record strait this is not perpetual motion it uses the suns rays to heat the air then use the energy stored in the air by concentrating it then expanding it. Just freaking read matirial the love of god. SOLAR AIR
  5. I don't want the respect of the close minded, and im not self serving. if i was i would be tring to sell somthing, but im not. The point about the moon is irrelevant since it had water on it once and in fact it still does at its polls. You can actually try to think for your self or you can quote people who seem smarter than you its your choice.
  6. Right on brother. I actually posted 4 different engines at top all run on compressed air. But compressed air works allot like a liquid when under pressure. all of the engines run off the same principles and so does the earth. here's an example of thermal wind http://www.4vu.net/view/personal-f636a42982.jpg and here's a stirling engin animation and link http://www.stirlingengine.com/Displacer-Anim.adp http://www.stirlingengine.com/Displacer-Still.adp oh yeah when you have time look it all over do so for once you under stand how they work you will be far ahead of all the jokers that call themselves scientists and debunkers. If any disagree that's cool, but remember I have aright to my OPINION.and you do as well.
  7. The problem with zero Kelvin is that if you could ever reach it and tried to measure it, the surrounding energy would fill it before you could measure it.
  8. Exactly right and that's exactly what out world is like. Except our weather pattern swirls around causing the earth to spin and bulge in the middle. Heat gets sucked in at the polls and redistributed to the equator uniformly. this has allot to do with why there is global warming and it will happen regardless if you burn hydrocarbons (it happens faster with hydrocarbons burning in the mix). If you look at the Weather Engine thread you should be able to figure out what's going on. Ill give you a hint high pressure on the surface low pressure in side.
  9. If you would like to know more about what is happening check out this web site's explanation of Zero point energy theory "Does electromagnetic zero-point energy exist, and if so, are there any practical applications and does it have any connection with dark energy? The theoretical basis for electromagnetic zero-point energy is clear. According to Sciama (1991): "Even in its ground state, a quantum system possesses fluctuations and an associated zero-point energy, since otherwise the uncertainty principle would be violated. In particular the vacuum state of a quantum field has these properties. For example, the electric and magnetic fields in the electromagnetic vacuum are fluctuating quantities." " The CasimirCasimir effect is an example of a one-loop effect in quantum electrodynamics that can be simply explained by the zero-point energy. Here is anouther Zero Piont Energy explanation "Zero-Point Energy Quantum theory predicts, and experiments verify, that so-called empty space (the vacuum) contains an enormous residual background energy known as zero-point energy or ZPE. This energy derives its name from the fact that at temperatures of absolute zero (- 273o Celsius), elementary particles continue to exhibit energetic behavior. Advances in the theories of zero-point energy, nonlinear thermodynamics, and Connective Physics open up the possibility of cohering this energy for practical purposes -- in effect tapping the zero-point, and thereby accessing a universe-sized source of energy. Originally, the possible uses of zero-point energy was thought to be of significance only for such esoteric concerns as small perturbations in atomic emission processes. But now, zero-point energy theories suggest new ways to understand inertia and gravity (and thus potentially control these forces!). Such theories may also be able to explain anomalies such as Sonoluminescence, the inhibition of spontaneous emission, and the generation of short-range attractive forces (e.g. the Casimir Effect). More practical applications include “mining” these vacuum fluctuations for practical uses such as spaceflight and such far-out possibilities as “warp-drive” space propulsion systems. Theoretical contributions have been done by su"ch pioneers as Nobel laureates Ilya Prigogine, P. A. M. Dirac, John Wheeler, and Julian Schwinger. Prigogine, for example, has shown that the second law of thermodynamics can be expanded to include systems in which order evolves from randomness -- a result also obtained by Puthoff who utilized theories of zero-point energy to obtain an equivalent result. The critical factor here is that linear systems tend toward increasing entropy (i.e. the result of two inputs being the sum of their corresponding outputs), whereas under certain conditions, nonlinear systems have been shown to evolve toward macroscopic order. Such nonlinear systems imply transient or apparently uncontrolled systems, but the reality remains that clever designs can and do provide means to skirt traditional understandings of thermodynamic limitations and literally tap into the surrounding universe for unlimited amounts of useful energy. "
  10. Yes your are right want I meant to say is the high pressure heats it and the lower pressure chamber allows it to change to a vapor (boil) and absorb heat from surrounding air
  11. This is how i believe a high low pressure system gains it energy what do you all think? http://www.4vu.net/view/personal-a65f665c57.jpg here is a motor that works on compressed air check it out its pretty cool http://home.ctlnet.com/~robotguy67/classic_cars/air_engines/V-Twin/air_engines.htm finnally check out these links http://www.rexresearch.com/schaeffe/schaeffer.htm http://www.planetarymysteries.com/energy/ie.html http://www.padrak.com/ine/FEONBRTV.html If your would like a couple documentaries then folow the likns below you will need a bittorrent down loader to get them http://www.utorrent.com/download/latest/utorrent.exe Equinox - It Runs on Water - Overunity (Free Energy Broadcast 19 http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3354080 TESLA - Free Energy, the Race to Zero Point (Physics) 1h49min http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3354164 Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit the World (1994) http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3407573
  12. http://www.quasiturbine.com/ http://www.sterlingsolar.com/engines.htm http://www.aircaraccess.com/nealtank.htm http://www.stirlingengine.com/ my design which i conceived before i found theses other web sites is below http://www.4vu.net/view/personal-573f74a946.jpg its a modification of a steam engine ( http://www.unb.ca/web/transpo/mynet/steameng.gif ) using high pressures to boil liquid or gases at room temp, then close the system and direct it one direction with one-way valves. it amazing it simulates the earth weather system.
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