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  1. Alright, I have thought long and hard on this one... I did the program myself so i could have a copy of the upload.txt. This is basically a pwdump hash. If you delete the first 0 and all the commas, as well as deleting the underscore and the space for that line (so that it is all on one line) and then the last five characters (in the case of the password set as Ab, that would be 0911B), you get a usable pwdump hash. Now if you put your modified hash into a password cracking device (IM me for a good one), you will recieve your password in return. As for how it works, the "stuff" after the 1003: is your LAN manager hash and the stuff after that colon is your NT hash. These use different algorithms to crack or decrypt which is why there was such differences for capitals and lowercase. -EDIT- Didnt realize there was a second page to this one....some info on here may still be usefull
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