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  1. Actually, I would say a black hole might be an entrance to another dimension, above ours, such as the 7 or 8th, 7th being as I have thought height width and length inbetween molecules, in the void. Or it could be as suggested.
  2. Yeah... I wasn't too prepared to test it all so soon. I'm just getting the theoretical at the moment. I'm gonna contain this hopefully, somewhere. I see that as a good energy source if done right. If I do test this, I'm gonna do it in about maybe 10-100 g. increments, just to get an idea, this multipies fast, as the reaction ammounts get bigger.
  3. Well, I... was bored one day, and am saying to myself, "lets play with some explosives" so I stumbled upon this in my bathroom. It's unstable, as heck, so don't mess with it too much. Oh, and this stuff kills brain cells. I never have made a bomb out of it. I'm just an pyro maniac, or whatever you want to say. I just like thinking up ways to do stuff. I'm thinking though "Why don't they put 'flamable' on the bottle". I think it is. What other uses does this stuff have?
  4. Could be a process? Or a hidden process? I have a program to shut down those annoying hidden ones, I got from a friend. It works fine. You just need to start it up everytime. It could be spyware, also. It could be a number of things, including that the screen could be inlarged on the monitor, and the bar can be brought down, to where you can't see it. Probably not, theres always the chance though.
  5. What type of cooling is it though? It it like a refrigerator or A/C unit. Or one of the old fan systems that worked off evaporation. In a A/C type, or refrigerator, the coolant/water is heated, then rises to the top to lose its heat, which in turn is replaced with cool. It then goes down and cools things down. That is the BASIC process. The fan, I have explain, works off the heat leaving with the water vapor.
  6. But he's talking about a drop in temperature, not a raise.
  7. No, I'm saying that it would be mysterious if you had another chromosone that wasn't need, it was added, like two noses, and that would contradict that single nose that is already written. If it didn't contadict, like an added tail, that would be odd.
  8. I googled it a few days back, I found something on wikipidia, I think. It had the equation for up to 26 dimensions, but was proven wrong.
  9. Thanks, now all I need is a small amount of thorium, and a place to safely grind and contain it. I think I'll have a 1/10 mixture, using very little to see how this is gonna work. Plain thermite (Fe/Al) is dangerous stuff, I know from seeing it in action.
  10. I'd use a double wind of 6 guage, uncovered, or something around 5 winds of about 10 guage. I think the valley/cone type is more efficient, but it is much harder on a bigger tesla coil. I use a flat for my 3 foot. 10 guage is easier to manipulate also, so five winds in a valley type.
  11. Hows the system work, hopefully evaporation. That would be the easiest explanation. When water evaporates, it takes the heat with it, making the water cooler. I am working on something called a "computer bong". It works on evaporation of the water to cool the water in the waterblocks.
  12. I knew the original temperatures, but I'm wordering if thorium could create hotter temperatures, close to 5000-6000 degrees celcius. I'm trying to find a way to contain this also, and figure out how it will heat the water, starting the electrical generator or whatever process I can uses.
  13. There are some genes that probably wouldn't be fatal, but as far as chromosones, there is too much information that a human body needs. Now, as said, an extra would be mysterious, unless it is overriding an already needed process (its somewhat like a computer), which could contradict, or various other problems. Of course, don't get me wrong, but I'm not a biology, and such expert. I'm mostly in the chemical, computer, mathematics, and computer field.
  14. Hmmm... I don't have the money to test this, even though I do have plenty of time (the time I spend pondering about these mixtures). To do this safely I would need a setup, I don't think there is one around town here too. Oh, and how hot would the temperatures get, considering this is nuclear? I've never done really indepth nuclear studies, so I don't know if there would be a difference.
  15. Nitric fumes, I'm pretty sure are posionous.
  16. I would use 20 guage. My secondary is 3 1/2 foot high and a 3 inch diameter. It uses around 1000 wraps. In your case I would wrap it 20-30 times, until about an inch above the top, or 1/2.
  17. Would it be controllable under low amounts (around a 1/4 ratio of thorium to iron oxide or such, or even a 1/10 ratio)? I've been reading up, and this looks like another untapped resource.
  18. Would it be posible to create an energy source from thorium, using the properties of thermite (iron oxide and aluminum), only a transfer to thorium? I'm not going to test this, I was just peering at a table of elements. What would be the effects, except for the radiation emitted off of this?
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