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    I agree but the majority rules, 37 say yes and 33 say no. Case closed time to move on.
  2. Well maybe you will have more luck, I am growing tired of all 4 of them. I am always the one who doesn't listen or the troll. Its sad but they are the ones that don't get it not me. Oh well time to let it go, after all I'm just the American what do I know right?
  3. I meant to quote budullewraagh' date=' but really it didn't matter. I never said what you are saying, you need to read it and understand it before you reply, I said [i']"Moore gives the distinct impression in the film that the Bin Ladens left the country before others were allowed."[/i] For budullewraagh to say what he did is complete nonsense and he needs to listen and learn. What I said is true no matter how many internet sources you use. The Saudi's did not leave the country until flights resumed, end of story. FYI budullewraagh and Phi for All, that does support my statement.
  4. No im sorry I have seen the film, I actually have it. The Saudi's did not leave the country until September 14th. That is when flights were resumed. There is nothing else to say. Even the 911 report confirms it. So not matter what you three say you are wrong, believe all you want from your internet sources.
  5. The concept you are not getting is that Moore presented that the Saudi's left on 9/11' date=' but when in reality they left with everyone else on the [u']14th[/u] and not before. Because you do not believe that doesn't change that to be fact. Since you have not actually seen the film and rely totally on 'your sources' then please do not keep this going
  6. You know what, your right I apologize. I stand corrected, I certainly cannot discredit the soldiers ot the Iraqi people, but they did not help Moore's opinion at all. The Soldiers did not say anything bad about Bush though.
  7. If you think I tried to insult you then you need to read more, you have not given anything to this discussion, only bogus beliefs. My source as you asked for is the movie it self, you make your agruments as if the film tells you all your 'facts'. My point is you are wrong, I told you I would not give you the fact because it is not mine to give, you only need to watch the film again. Pay careful attention to the dates shown on the flights, its just that simple.
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