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  1. I read that electrolysis on a sodium hydroxide solution gives H2 at the cathode and O2 at the anode, with the 1:2 ratio. So it's like electrolysis on water isn't it? Thus, does the process happen faster, like when adding sulphuric acid?
  2. Can electrolysis be done on a sodium hydroxide solution? Or is it too dangerous??
  3. I did it . The boom wasn't that impressive though. I think I used too few gas.
  4. Is there some method to detonate the mixture?? Or should I just detonate with a match? I'm getting somewhat scared now to detonate the whole thing with an ordinary match lol....
  5. To woelen Instead of gathering the gases seperatly, can I use the method I suggested, i.e, the one of the ballon. I would gather the gases in the same balloon, and I think the balloon is a much more safe conainer than a glass one, should an early detonation occur....
  6. that's coooooooool...............I'll be cautious then lol.
  7. Why should I use dish-washing soap?????
  8. I like the idea of gathering gases directly into a balloon although it's true that it may sound somewhat "cumbersome". But I think it is possible. For example, you may use the arrangement I used for producing the gases, but instead of using two jars, you can use one of these 2ltr table water bottles(the plastic ones). You cut the top part, and put it onto the two electrodes. Then you attach the balloon with the part from which we usually drink from. I don't know if it could work. I'm just considering.
  9. To woelen I used a rectangular plastic container, about 25 cm long and 12cm wide. I drilled two small holes at its bottom, 8 cm distant from each other. Then I extracted two carbon rods from two ordinary AA batteries(non-alkaline), and inserted them into the drilled holes(these I found extremely good as electrodes, since they are thicker than pencil carbon). The graphite rods were inserted such that 90% of them were exposed at the internal of the container(where water was poured). The other 10% was exposed at the bottom, outside the container. Then I poured molten wax to fill the
  10. I've splitted water...perfectly done. I didn't use any acids to help the process, and however managed to collect about 100ml of H2 in about 1 hour 20 min. Btw, I like the idea of detonation gas.......it sounds interesting. How do I do it????
  11. Actually, I have no specific plans of what to do with the gases. It's a technological project I'm working on. My aim is to explain the extraction of certain elements for industrial purposes (such as hydrogen) via the process of electrolysis(the ionic theory etc..)
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