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  1. Hello, I'm an alien I'm sorry about the crop circles but we only want to make some bread we are trying to adapt our machines to harvest but they keep blowing it flat. if you have a good engineer there we sure could use his/her help. Thank you kind regards, from a desperate hungry alien. The US military showed up in Iraq as well and they didn't had any dangerous technology there either.
  2. May I assume that you are discussing if energy can be created from notting ? Tony, you just will have to accept that energy can't come from notting. (well, at least not before 26jan2318) It is sometimes difficult to see where the energy is coming from but it's definitely coming from somewhere. The moment you make use of that spinning something you will draw energy from it (making it slow down).
  3. I have a problem with the word 'design'. Because it's makes you think that life makes sense, it doesn't. (apart of making the entropy rise faster)
  4. Max 100 kilometres it seems http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/quantum/quantum.jsp?id=ns99993802
  5. Did some more reading: they have two gravitational speeds: 1) The speed of gravitational radiation/waves is. = speed of c (no one seems to doubt this) 2) gravitational force or acceleration. >> c anyone that can clearly explain this difference to me ? edit: found more or less the answer
  6. found some interesting things to read about it: from http://www.metaresearch.org/media%20and%20links/press/SOG-Kopeikin.asp it's an interesting site So they did measure the speed of light and not the speed of gravity like they claimed. :lame: BTW I like the idea of gravity being much faster than light.
  7. from this article: http://www.spacedaily.com/news/gravity-03d.html Did they measered it with only 20% accuracy. Then we know it's about the same as c. (and very likely equal) But they also say their instruments weren't accuracy enough to measure it. so what is it ? - about the speed of light. (but don't know exactly) OR - No idea ,we couldn't measure it because difference was to small. And if second shouldn't they have know that before the experiment that they wouldn't be able to measure it. They had two options c speed or infinite. if the difference between the two assumtion can't be measured then why doing it? P.S. administrator I don't receive email notifications although that they are enabled (I know I should mail him/her but want to know if he/her reads this )
  8. first I want to say I don't know much about QM and I'm just giving some ideas to hear what you think. I was thinking most of what we do is based on: if we understand the smaller part then we wil also understand the bigger part. The 'smaller' parts defines what the bigger part wil do. maybe there is a level where this turns around where the bigger part defines what the smaller part should do. so if we would have one part of a whole part and somewhere far away the other part. by manipulating one part we schould be able to communicate. and then the big question will be how fast or will nature have shown al his cards and reveal that (almost) infinite speed exist. (you have to admit that that would be very exciting) It are just ideas so you don't have to tell me this doesn't match with current theories. I think this quote is also on it place here: "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" [Albert Einstein]
  9. His wife in bed with his best friend. although that could also be 50%
  10. I don't run those (@home) programs because I don't know what i'm processing for sure. What I mean is with the appropriated transformations in the source data they could probably let us analyse a lot of different things. Maybe we are even analysing our own (the population) security risk.
  11. maybe we just have to find a way to sent information faster than light. (maybe not faster than light but making space between smaller) maybe other worlds are just waiting until we/others figured that out and then finding other intelligent live could be as simple as turning on the radio and listen to what is 'said' (if not ecrypted).
  12. I do think that is possible to create an AI that can go trough live like animals do. I don't mean mimic the behavior but having a behavior based on who/what it/he is. But I don't think that a CPU is the way to go because it's just too 'perfect'. (maybe it can be made less perfect without stopping to work ) and about "Feelings? Love? Music? Arts?" I don't think there is a problem there. if you make it/him imperfect with a goal(staying alive) you will automatically have those.
  13. Damn, than I will just have to think faster BTW thanks for the very fast replies
  14. :haha: Thanks for your input I'm sure I will understand it better but it will need time. Maybe accelerating to almost light speed will give me the needed time although coming back will be needed to 'collect' that extra time
  15. So time differences can only occur when there are accelerations. But the age difference also change when they are longer apart although the acceleration curve is the same. So time difference also change with a constant speed? right?
  16. Everybody knows when one twin is traveling fast and comes back he/she will be younger that the one that stayed home. BUT something I don't understand: imagine an emty universe with only two twins each with their spaceship. Now the distance between the two is increasing with almost licht speed and after a while they found notting and come back and meet again. now the question: which of the two twins is older than the other ? if there is a planet hanging on one of the twins feed then they say its the one on the planet. what is it I'm missing ? Does that planet make so much difference ?
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