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  1. *taps into his super duper psychic powers* The end of human kind will occur within a 38 hour period.. where the entire world population drops dead suddenly.. the unniverse is vast and we know nothing of it.. something nasty will find us very unprepared.. it wont be a meteor, nuclear war, water, blah blah blah.. we will just all die and never know why.
  2. Every race has a different setup than every other race of human. Different races have different resistances and weaknesses to disease. Every race has a different adaption to their environment. The cure for a disease to a person of one race might differ for another. My solution is this: mate caucasion, african, asian, indonesian, etc etc, until you have one race, develope that race. Develope medicine around that race, solve everyone elses problems! Sorry if this has a few holes in it but just something off the top of my head. Any comments welcome.
  3. thanks! will try that, anyone else have a suggestion?
  4. The brain, learns, from learning, it developes ideas.. example... One brains evolution--- Finger pressed onto a burning oven top=pain Learned:oven brings pain Finger put into flame=pain Learned:The same pain from flame and oven, common factor HOT, Hot things bring pain, don't touch While these are two different circumstances, you need a common factor to learn why the pain happens... in the end if you want AI, you will need decades of programming.. once you have enough programing with all the knowledge of mankind.. well.. why need AI? you just gave the computer all the common sense, intellegence, responce it will ever need. Something new comes along, update the software. This is probably the closest thing to AI we will ever get.
  5. also, I have found that many deja vu experience start with a common factor that you had dreamed.. for me it usualy happens with a sneeze.. then it triggers the memory.. actualy, it has saved me from getting into many fights.. because I knew the outcome and changed what led up to it. STRANGE!
  6. Several years ago, I dreamed that I was sitting in my room, chatting on my computer, and my mother came home from a vacation to South Carolina and braught me 2 envelopes, one of confederate money and one of yankee money.. and a silver dollar from the era.. ya it was a strange dream, which is why I remembered it vivedly.. well about a year or so later.. it actualy happend.. this kinda thing had happend before, but was so vivid I couldent be sure, but this time was hard evidence. No I didnt tell her about my dream either. So what does this mean?
  7. Ask yourself this one, if the universe was empty except for the massive energy cluster that was the source of the big bang, how did that mass come to be in the first place? Why was it the only thing? Anyway.. after the bang it seperated itself into what we have today. To think.. my atoms rubbed up against the atoms of some star 1,000,000,000,000,000 lightyears away!! Makes me tingle!
  8. Hi there, I am an expert winker.. I wink all the time, I'm sure everyone else can too and take it for granted, but my girlfriend can't do it!! She asks me to teach her how and I am stumped as to how I would do that. I have looked all over the net for info but can't find anything. Anyone out there with some theories, instructions, plans?
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