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  1. Kind of new here, found this thread while searching the web. At any rate, I know exactly what your guys were talking about. I first noticed it while I was watching the florencent light in my room. Then I started noticing them in the sky as well. What I found was it appears only when I am either unfocused or looking at something bright. The lights seem to be fixed in your eye rather than outside image, so if I move my head they will follow my head's movement. It is kind of hard to see their general pattern, I only managed to follow a small area of those lights and see most of them go in a certain direction. (kind of like lights from point A will almost always go to point B). I believed this is called "'entopic phenomenon" I think everyone gets it, it is just most people ignored it for the majority of time and when they finally started noticing it, they will think something is wrong. I also did a search on google and some says this may actually be an indication of normal rectina function. I think the most noticable difference between this and seeing "flashes of light" from sneezing and hit on the head is that for those flashes of light, the light appears to be following a straight pattern, where as the light in the entopic phenomenon seems to wiggle and curves from point to point.
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