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  1. sorry there it was look I have college.......... please help me somebody................
  2. Look have college and i go to college . When i said that i want to study quantum i did not meant that i will study quantum without basic , what i wanted to say was, i will study all basic mathematics , physics ect. too. and we have already covered a large portion of calculus . The thing i am talking about is that , i want to say is that i want to study all that independently , so i need to know which university will allows to study all this independently provided that i will pay their fee. While studying will come across some doubt and i will need help. then i will come to this forum or the univ. professors . so please help me because i want know this before may.
  3. same here .......... i understand what you are saying ..........i my self want to be a real and indeed pure scientist .I like to think too much ,though it is all thought experiment and most of them are hypothetical because my main stream itself is study of brain ( i.e not in real but i like that stream so i study it). I indeed have my own theories, discoveries independent of other knowledge. Basically i intend to discover all fundamental property ,formula,theory ect on my own , they might be same as today or might be different, in this way we will to see the same thing in different frame of referance(that is by mind or thinking).
  4. Good option but the thing is that i need assistent like that of professor, if in case i will have doubt and i alone can not understand science and world myself ...... plus i some how want to be free from social burden like study for money or job etc . When i say that i m mad i really mad about it , i literally don't have any interest in lusseay accept that of just getting experience of all things (although that is not possible ,still i will try of max ) .
  5. Yep u got it right. see to it that i still have not completed my b.tec....
  6. please somebody help me,i m in great trouble . The thing is that i m mad about science ,gaining knowledge mad about pure science and want to know every thing possible. Now the problem is ,i m in b.tec com first year, and not able to continue it . It is getting harder and harder as i imagined it to be.It is quit hard for me to study any thing without knowing its basics. ..............For eg in first year we have a part of quantum mechanics i.e wave equation , dual property of particle ect. but i want to know that what was classical mechanism,modern classical mechanism ect. i want to know and understand what does it mean, why it was restricted, and all those things . Basically i want to know that is there any place or any university where i can study without public or society interference , i m ready to pay their fee . Please answer me fast I need to act fast before this sem ends that is before may......!!!!!!!!!
  7. yep that's correct ,the actual speed of light that is 299792458m/s was give by maxwell and his equation give above .he found that this speed is same for all wave which are electomagantic wave ,that is speed of light, radio wave, x ray, gamma ray etc. all in the electomagnetic wave band have that same velocity...........
  8. yes indeed , it is correct.............
  9. yes it seems to be logical answer, and explains it.
  10. i meant that i think that if we try hard , we can explain all through science , in othere word I define science as "everything". I bet you that at the extriems condition also i will not prey to god. it is all nonsense , waste of time to me.
  11. It is better to cry when you feel to , but do not disturbe other , at the sane time do not try to resist it as it will consume almost more than the double brain usage (and energy) at that time. It is better to loes one than 2 , isn't it................
  12. really , i did not knew about them , can you provide some link , for more information......... plzz
  13. i still did not got it . i mentioned that moon is moving away due to tidel wave (that is only one reason) how does that explaine "same result" with the sun ............
  14. i am felling like embarased , i thought that this was a tough question but you all solved quite easily ............ i think by saying 98% he meant that , approx. 90% see the question try a little and give up ............. then 8% people try hard but due to sily mistake or incorrect methode they are not able to solve it ........... and finally 2% are those who made it till the end.............
  15. yes , there is difference in the meaning , like hear and listen i think that motion is for any part or the displacemant of the body , where as movement is to the hole body
  16. it seems difficult to me. moon is moving away because the high tides created by moon push moon ( as earth rotate faster than revolution of moon ). i have seen video on this " mysteries of moon ". if you want i can provide the link.
  17. good question . i never thought of it .i also demand for answer...........
  18. I am an atheists , but i would not act the way "someone" did as you said. i do not believe in either of them, because has answer to every thing , or rather every thing is consider as science in my defination of "science"
  19. i mean to say there are many people ,they think that science can't explain many things like the origin of life ( science have no 100% sure answer) as you mentioned an example , in that i want to ask is that today , many things can not be explained by science , ....... like for example people say that holy bath cure all or some disease , and the say it is the work of god "god" means to me as certein someone or thing that has created world ,"god" difination is all those holy book says like bible , gita, kuran ,ect.(sorry if spell mistake ) (Not trying to be difficult) Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedmy answer is surely " NO " Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedWE HAVE AN " INDRA GANDHI AWARD "IN OUR COUNTRY , FOR PERSON WHO WILL BE ABLE TO DO MAGIC . he /she will be rewarded with Rs.500000..........
  20. There is another way to answer give you defination , with reason and answer it if any......... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged what do you mean ? plz explain your question...........!!
  21. i guess both have almost the same meaning, according to me i mean by miracle is "those things or event which are out of science (which science can not explain as some people think) or the work of the god .' and magic means "only those events which is explainable or out of science or stuff like that " now your turn ......!!!1
  22. THEN what about miracle ..?
  23. Does any one in this community believe in magic.....................!
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