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  1. I am INTJ Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging .
  2. When I click on the 'valuable information' nothing happens.
  3. Here is a video of a remotely controlled human.
  4. That helps! Yes I always heard paper is 2D but I always thought it was 3D since it has heigth if I am wrong tell me. Anyone who posts something here use projection instead of shadow.
  5. Thanks. I saw that a few months ago I will watch it tommarow when I have time to watch it the entire thing.
  6. Yes something like a parallel universe but connected to ours more. It would be the same thing is happening in all the but in diffrent dimensions. Me typing this is happening in all dimensions but just being typed with diffrent dimensions. Meaning whatever the highest dimension is you there is controlling you which would be you so you don't notice since the same events are happening. Sorry I don't know much about physics. Just an idea I got today.
  7. I was in the car today thinking if the second dimension was just a shadow of ours but not a shadow formed from light . When we see shadows they are always in two dimensions. This woud then make the first dimension a shadow of the second and we would be a shadoe from the fourth and so on. What do you think of this?
  8. Elliott

    Dead dog.

    I knew someone that told someone "die" just as a joke and a week later she was hit by a car and died.
  9. What happens when you line up three blondes ear to ear? You get a wind tunnel. Do you want hear a dirty joke: Bob fell in the mud. Do you want hear a clean joke: Bob took a bath with bubbles. Do you want hear a dirty joke: Bubbles is the girl next door.
  10. There is nothing wrong with memorizing the periodic table. I think it is easy when I was six I looked at it for hours a day and after a few weeks I had more than half the table memorized. I don't know as many now. It is better just to look when you need it so you know you have the right element.
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