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  1. It was probably intended to be mathematical but I introduced the concept of physics, afterall maths isn't totally independent of physics.
  2. I think Marytn got 12 A*s/As at GCSE and a high score. Yes, it's true that you need good GCSEs but it's not vital. It sometimes doesn't make any difference if you get excellent GCSEs/A levels as university interviewers are going on personality i.e a good 'bed-side manner'
  3. Miss BS

    Stem Cells

    Stem Cells - pretty big topic in the media today. What is the future of stem cells? Does anyone have some really interesting and useful links to sites about stem cells? Or do you have any views you'd like to share? Or is anyone able to give me a descpription of stem cells and the issues surrounding them, themselves?! Thanks, Jess
  4. lol, I think I can reach C-D...wait I'll go try...yep! I prefer to not moisturise or my hands slip.
  5. I can only think that it might want you to work out the molarity of the two; then giving you two co-ordinates perhaps? What's the molecular formula of Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate?
  6. Well, we're alive as we: move, respire, are sensitive, require nutrients, excrete, reproduce and grow. We're also made of Eukaryotic cells which makes us either plants or animals and not bacteria (which are prokaryotes). And we're not green so I'd deffinitely go for the idea of us being animals. Human cells don't contain chloroplasts (an organelle which contains chlorophyll- the green pigment of plants) so that eliminates us being photosynthetic! And one vital difference between us and plants is that we eat our food; plants make theirs. We're also quite high up the food chain; which indicates we're animals.
  7. I presume blood flow would increase to your hands. Who works well with cold hands afterall? As a pianist, when performing in concerts I always find that I play better with warm hands; with cold hands you stiffen up.
  8. When we feel like not eating in hot weather it's to do with the thermoregulatory system. When we eat, our bodies' metabolism increases and with all processes it requires energy. The release of energy, known as ATP here, is an exothermic reaction. Exothermic obviously meaning heat is given out. If your body is tryin to lose heat to maintain a constant internal temperature, as in hot weather, then it does not ideally want to be realeasing heat via metabolic functions and so reduces these. Your bodies' glands also stop releasing adrenaline and thyroxine which if released would increase your metabolic rate.
  9. they aught to fade to a silvery white after a while if they're currently reddish/purpleish but they will never truely go away. Generally, they're more noticeable on black skin as white people don't have as much of the dark pigment melanin which may cause scars to go brownish. And with white skin there's less of a contrast hence rendering them less noticeable.
  10. Biology is so superior Chemistry and deffinitely Physics. Physics contradicts itself too much, whereas Chem and Bio remain fairly constant.
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