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  1. As an adult I've sat in a kiddy pool just to get outdoors.
  2. In my mis-spent youth I purchased a small can of calcium carbide at the hardware that consisted of small (say 1/4") chunks that could be used in a miner's lamp. I took a used 1-gal paint can (and lid) and punched a hole with a large screwdriver in the center of the bottom of the can. Next I placed a few chunks in bottom (at 'corner') and spit on the chunks until it fizzed. Keeping can horizontal, I slapped on the lid--hand pressure only--waited 30 seconds and held a lit match on a long wire to the hole in the bottom. The lid flew off with a boom as loud as a cherry bomb. (BTW spit works better than water----hmmmm.) Voila, a homemade noise cannon. Doesn't hurt the can, either (and it kicks the can about 1/2" ---the lid flies about 6 feet) so it's reuseable. Smaller paint cans are less noisy, but still loud enough to disturb. We did ours at the family farm so not to bother anyone.
  3. http://www.slate.com/id/2155164/?GT1=8900.
  4. Wind-up cars and generators for each household will work when things get really, really, really bad, and help keep you trim, also... ;#)
  5. In 'essence' they replied: "Wait..." (As in: 'Standby', I suppose....) Incidently, has anyone checked any other boards about Bussard? (I haven't found anything substantial [such as a transcript of the video] yet. Oh, well.)
  6. A poster (elsewhere) suggested that this is a ploy to scare the oil-producing countries to treat us fairly or else. (Conspiracy theories abound about anything, of course.) Also if this is privately developed, then developement 'particulars' would be kept under wraps until it was 'protected.'
  7. http://www.kschroeder.com/1163900280. (I've already em'd the NYT to have science writers check on this. I'm an engineering type so not my field. Sounds important if true, though....)
  8. I hated to see this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/29/opinion/29herbert.html?th&emc=th.
  9. As an old guy I'm doing my part by not reproducing--although able to--but are you young whippersnappers Doing You Part, short of enforcement of some kind: http://www.emi.u-bordeaux.fr/public/asimov/saveearth.html.
  10. Comment: I used to write SF and NF (mostly "fillers." IOW I "dabbled" while working in "real" jobs/careers), and enjoyed reading much pseudo-science stuff since it might work as an "idea-generator" that might be applicable elsewhere in the real world (in my case, mech. eng. and some R & D). If nothing else, it kept my mind open for new "gimmicks." For example, I "invented" (devised-adapted may be a better description) a bellows stretcher for use with heat-treated welded-metal bellows to adjust its free length to a certain range. This seemingly astounding contraption was merely a glorified wine-bottle cork-puller; that cork-puller was my idea generator. And it worked. ;#) I suppose that way of thinking might be also called serendipity. . . .
  11. From my experiences with forums, most problems arise (discussion generally deteriorates) when participants do not know how to do hypothesis negation or hypothesis substitution properly and/or continually. (The best science debater I know, by the way, is Chemist [he knows me, so I may be biased] on the NYT science forums.) Terry. ;#)
  12. And research in space can have many payoffs that can help the environment in many ways: (I lost the link about benefits of space -- anyone? I'm on vacation with a clunky laptop.)
  13. des, thanks for consideration. However since all in our group are approaching 80's and 90's, we are of course not doing this for the enjoyment of profit -- we are indeed altruistic (due to age, and related) about our project(s). We will patent it, but just for credibility reasons. I am a retired engineer/applied scientist/QC manager, and we will follow thru to final version(s) for part of that reason (my background). In any event: Keep on keeping on. (My "throwaway" em address is tarrys.1@juno.com.)
  14. If we actually Lost 1 to 2 billion people today (thru pandemics, etc.), the world's infra-structure (such as highway upkeep, etc.) would suffer.
  15. Don't know if this is commercially viable, but does indicate other possibilities for power: http://www.nuenergy.org/alt/radiant_energy_diatribe.htm. (The End.) ;#)
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