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  1. I will make the bold state and bet that you are wrong. If you are in fact human, you will most likely be intrigued. Reply if interested.
  2. Not really but more that you are God and all energies are a percent of that energy which is God.
  3. I do not have the time at this moment for picture nor do I look presentable.. 

  4. I think infinities are just as simple as 0 to 1 is infinite. The speed of light is a joke.. its much much faster. Humans have attributed numbers made up of tokens or lines.. "light" or energy is on or off. not created nor destroyed. just added energy and minus energy I guess.. We see light travelling because our "space ship" Earth is not stagnant in the Universe... Tip of what I think.
  5. Think of quantum mechanics as well as light spectrums and cymatics and all matter for that... matter get it? Anyway the double slit experience suggests that when a practical is observed it acts differently then when not observed. To keep it short and I may even make a reel. What this life might actual be is probably not you all want. I created a thought into a pdf called in short the Cosmic Canvas explaining all energy and all of its manifestations. In long for curious reader... ''The Cosmic Canvas : Unravelling the Symphony of Energy, Art, and Spirituality'' and really really long kinda. 5000 word thought as a pdf... one of many to be created... Also. Hello world :D The Cosmic Canvas_ Unravelling the Symphony of Energy, Art, and Spirituality (1).pdf
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