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  1. It would just be an excerpt. There are only two places in the entire book that I enter into discussion that tries (and I emphasize the word tries, lol) to make an effort of a fictional biology that doesn't sound too hokey. Trying to create a scenario that allows for the remarkable characteristics is an important aspect to the plot development and conclusion, and I'd like it to sound somewhat plausible, not making mistakes easily recognized by those who have a better understanding of the sciences involved. That would pretty much put a damper on enjoying the story, in my view. It is science fiction, though, so I think there might be a wee bit of leeway, but if I could find someone to look at it and point out anything that might step outside plausible speculation—or even better, enhance it based on their knowledge—it would definitely help. And thanks, I wasn't sure what might be the best board for a topic like this. As a footnote to your question, I would rather not post the excerpts openly, as they are key to the plot development. The book is as of yet unpublished, and still keeping it under wraps apart from beta readers, critical reviews, and one book contest.
  2. Sorry, just wanted everyone to know the perspective it is written in. I myself would want to know, so thought it best to get that out front. Won't be mentioned again.
  3. Hello to all, it's great to be here, and hopefully this is an appropriate board for this thread. I have completed a novel (which will be the first of three in the series) that it written as a Science Fiction (with elements of Fantasy) tale that starts out with an alien invasion by a race stating Earth is a seed planet, and that they are a "galactic rescue team" that has come to rescue those who wish to be delivered from the imminent and unavoidable destruction of the earth. I have already written into it the discovery of a more complex DNA structure, and have researched DNA in order to make it seem somewhat plausible from a Science Fiction perspective. Of course, you know how authors always think their writing is, well, whatever they want it to be, lol. So I am on a journey to find someone with an understanding of the sciences involved to help ensure what I have written does not come across as hokey. Any Sci-Fi fans here that might be interested? And to be upfront about it, I must warn anyone who might be interested that it is written from a Christian and Biblical perspective, and that there is both an underlying theme of faith and some rather explicit Biblical language, lol. The book is meant to appeal to those interested in Science Fiction, so it is not a non-stop tract, and the main body of the work is just good old Sci-fi. It is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, but it is also an attempt to write something that doesn't have the vulgarity often seen in today's entertainment. The plot is based on a few Biblical concepts with speculative variants I personally have never seen in any fiction work. So, if that doesn't deter you, and you might be interested in taking a look, please let me know. Thanks!
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