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  1. I mean if we assume the whole specie through out the whole time of its existence as one unit.......and each individual having a limited amount of time......the genes are being backed up on the next generation for them to have a start from that point Each individual also evolves a bit in its lifetime as well right ? and when it reproduces the next generation would start off from the point that its parent had evolved a little bit more like a relay race.....they pass the genes and the next generation goes the rest of the race path ?
  2. Can we say that living things reproducing......plants or animals.......... Is backing up on the evolutionary path........i mean when ever they reproduce they take a backup from the evolution they have had....?
  3. It was not today but rather 2 weeks ago that i learned ....you should not touch the cpu socket pins on your mother board
  4. Except from albedo the comparison i meade i meant for the unit area ( same amount of are ) on each planet
  5. So in that case the heat energy received by each planet in comparison to earth ( we say earth is 1 ) is as followed right ?
  6. Do planets from Jupiter & beyond receive any heat from the Sun ...? Or are they too far to get any heat from it ? How about Mars ?
  7. in the world we are now the space had 3 dimensions... The majority of the animals have evolved a bilateral symmetry shape.......besides some simple creatures that have no symmetry or some other simple ones having radial symmetry In plants but the main bodies like the trunks of trees and branches again have radial symmetry or the fruits mainly have radial......but the leafs mostly have bilateral..... Also in animals those who have 3 dimensional vision have two eyes that have a large portion of each eyes field of view common with the other one and the two eyes must not me too close to each other i mean the animal needs two visions that are only slightly different from each other .....to be able to see depth and have a 3 dimensional vision Im thinking what if the world had a 4 dimensional space would the creatures in that case evolve a shape that had like three sided symmetry ? and for those animals in order to have 4 dimensional vision they needed 3 eyes located near each other * not too near not too far and all those three eyes must have a large portion of their fields in common with each other ? * Please dont laugh @ me or post mean comments if these questions is funny in your pov......
  8. Well up & down i think are relative meanings out side a planet in the space i dont think up & down materes as you dont have any reference.... And also on a planet Up = the direction that is the opposite of the center of the planet Down = the direction towards the center of the planet So up for a person in canada is the opposite direction of the up for a person in aus. for example or even up for a person in brazil again is the opposite of up for a person in malaysia for example right ? For a person looking @ earth from space * assume his head is towards north and feet towards south and looking for example from the prime meridian the up of the canada is also up for the space person but the austrailia up is down for him the brazil up for example is left for him and the malaysia up is considered as right for him.... so up & down is a totally relative thing right ? thanx a lot that means for every 16676 meters the curvature ( the level surface ) goes under the horizon ( the flat surface ) for 21.5 meters right ?
  9. I was thinkning about that also right now..... On each point if you connect it to the center of the planet the line ( would be perpendicular to the surface of the planet ) on each point it has a different angle So a person on that planet walking on that flat surface would feel its angle ( steepness ) gradually decreasing as it gets to the tangent point.... I mean for him it would be felt like a curve right ? * not seen but felt....
  10. In the case you pictured like that the sides length of the surface is very very large in comparison to the planets diameter........the 4 corners of the cube under the surface would also produce some gravity as they contain a lot of mass.... im thinking of a surface not that big so the corners could produce a considerable amount of gravity.........and not that small so that the corners would not be high enough to have a slope inside..... Thanx.....
  11. In that simulation can you pleas just make a flat surface that each of its sides length is like 35 or 40 % of the planets diameter.....and once again with the sides 20% i want to see how the camera or POV sees it... maybe it would look flat but i think that flat surface would be sloped towards the middle and center of that surface right ? i mean if you put a ball on thet flat surface it would go and stay right in the middle point of that surface * after some up & down oscillations @ last it would stay in the middle point because thats the point nearest to the center of the planet aka lower.... right ?
  12. So.... i felt it right.... by the mean ness of the comments i felt that maybe they think im a flat earther......... maybe the society had become so dumb that when im asking a question some people thnk im one of those people who think the earth is flat and the moons is a hologram and Hitler is hiding in antarctica......and the flat earth is inside a spherical glass aquarium This question was question i had in my mind from when i was in my early teens that how a completely flat surface.....(* not level but flat ) is perceived from the point of view on a viewer who is on the planet...... The 4 corners....are further away from the planets center so they are higher......and the middle of the flat surface is closer to the planets center.....so. it is therefore.....lower......so a flat surface on a planet must be seen or perceived as a hollow bowl.....with 4 mountain top peaks @ the corners..... but i wanted to see other peoples opinions too........... I didnt know the society has come to a phase and state that if i ask such a question people would think im one of those people who think the earth is flat......
  13. maybe i asked my question with the wrong words......i said how would the inhabitants see it lets say how would that thing be perceived or felt when your not looking from out side the planet but rather are on its surface.............. Never mind i cant understand the meanness in the comments have i asked a wrong question ? or is it really dumb to ask ?
  14. Not that big though........in the scenario you pictured it would be a cube.....not a planet any more... Right like the oceans surface are level but they are not flat........they are spherical Thats only a plain planet can you add my big flat surface to this simulation also ?
  15. Say very large just like the pictures i sketched..... And about flat vs level i think i used the right words do descibe it.......i meant a flat surface on a planet i didnt mean a level surface.....a level surface would follow the spherical 3d curve of the planet right ?
  16. that was a question i had in my mind from when i was like 12 -13 years old......i have dome my thinking....i just wanted to know other people opinions
  17. If we have a completely flat surface on a planet.......... What would the inhabitants of that planet see ??? A hollow bowl like valley with 4 mountain peaks @ the 4 corners ? Like this * but here the sides are straight and perpendicular in that case they would have slopes.... it was difficult to design the exact shape ....😁 And if we pour some liquid say water on that flat surface how would it stand there ? like a water dome ? And again how would those who are on the surface see that water dome ? a lake with flat surface in the middle of that hollow bowl valley ?
  18. Was this the answer or a hint its self for the answer ?
  19. Its electro magnetic field ? * i dont know what a static charged black hole is
  20. @ last i have some time and mind left to think about this.......... The rotational speed of the planet .........its material viscosity........also if it has different viscositys in different depth's & layers..............its over all gravity force ....
  21. Exactly right......the speed of an object has Squared influence on the kinetic energy it carries......but its mass has a direct influence....
  22. What if a massive body say like a planet with 1000 Km radius hit a rocky planet like earth..........the impact would deform it very very drastically.................but after some time it must get back to a sphere right ?
  23. Very interesting to hear.............man....yes i meant ethnicity......beg my pardon.......I one had a friend in Baku who was in Ham radio .............he went to all remote islands on expedition challenge's .....he once went to the Bouvet Is. you know i meant much larger displacements on the surface of the planet..........22 km's on mars with 6750 km of diameter is not even half a percent.........i meant larger unevennesses .........@ least 10 % of the planets Diameter.......
  24. My ethics are 75% Azeri some where near Urmia lake 3 of my grand parents ............25% From Hamadan ( the other one ) ...........But fr ....they came to Tehran....about 1940's and 50's..... Can i Ask your ethics too ?
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