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  1. I may be veering off a little bit off topic here, but perhaps it may be beneficial to understand him a bit more to have a more rounded opinion about why (or how) he came to the sentience conclusion. I found the H3 podcast did an indepth interview about his background. It's interesting.
  2. As stated by Blake Lemoine, he was not having a conversation with just the text chatbot, he was accessing the system for generating chatbots, which by his words is a system that processes all of google's data acquisition assets including vision, audio, language and all of the internet data assets available to google. What do you make of Blake Lemoine?
  3. It begs the question; Is a person that is born blind and paralized without sense of touch from the neck down not trained on words? And would that desqualify them from being sentience?
  4. That appears to be incorrect. Blake Lemoine has stated that LaMDA is NOT just a test based chatbot, it is trained on the entirety of google's data acquisition assets. Watch the video below:
  5. The conversation between him and the AI is real (as far as what he's said). The video above just recreats it with text-to-speech software. I agree that it is not clear if the AI is sentient. Blake Lemoine has stated in another video though that he does believe (based on his beliefs) that it is sentient. I'll post that interview. He's kind of an interesting guy although I don't agree with some of his beliefs myself. This is an interview with Blake Lemoine. It's interesting.
  6. What do you guys think is happening with LaMDA?
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