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  1. It does, my subject is pre-quark building blocks, books pre Einstein have been written on this subject. If you are telling me hydrogen is not a topic involving physics, you need moderating, we all know the amswers are there in the invisible realm, yet valid, higgs has been confirmed, if you use double refraction on photons, you produce tachyon energy, push through a vacuum full of ether, this will amplify the T.e to a usable level of measurable force and energy, as well as instantaneous communication, you can easily affect temporal displacement, as well as travelling at tachyon speed(Cx10) =1mil miles per pico thrash 1PT=(1/1000th of a pico second) provided your DNA is 100%human, or else reiteration, won't hurt death doesn't, but it will not be a good thing to ask for a better solution for your time and consideration for your time placement in temporal flux.
  2. On an oscillator the wave such as a HB displayed is tachyon condensate, under hydraulic compression, T.e (tachyon energy) also makes up part of the symbiotic, quark frequency harmonics. At the top and bottom of the screen should be another set of energy signatures, when in the middle, downward hydraulic Aetherverse pressure, we accept as gravity, all the iterations increments are single threads, to make twine, string, rope, cable, to finally resembles a pattern like sleeve, encasing the potential H-hydrogen iteration, H carries the water memory, starts as H then H2O the rain, an apple 🍏 tree, food, sustanance, includes codes validation of any further iterations of host DNA, could be human or any organic iteration requiring water to function. This sleeve is an Aetherverse interface brane, the Aetherverse constantly wants the energy back so any iteration with modified DNA will be reconstituted to the nearest valid binary code iteration, (could be thousands of years since man realise his mistake, to remove any "junk" dna or rna.) At the break point say photon, it is under intense pressure, the T.e is equal in properties to the Aetherverse, (a person born before the BP is Autistic post BP Aspergers) the energy pushes against the line break, there is toroidal waves revolving the wave patterns causing both hydraulic compression but postbp continuence of photon energy, the switch is to the bottom instantly not at x axis, x has toroidal pressure releasing compression, allowing hydraulic inertia, to kinetics, energy plays no part, it is a side effect of the iteration maintaining the H, H2O, rain, tree, apple, food, human iteration, of ancestors DNA validations combining successfully, writing new cbc code for new human iteration, with best strengths and skills and knowledge of both cbc(coded binary capacitor) DNA iteration frequency. At the instant the very first part of any iteration it vibrates at the hydrogen frequency, then as described steps up, that is thematic transformation, developed by Franz Liszt, (great music listen myfreemp3.com) well quarks respond to all frequency of all iteration weather hydrogen, to oxygen, crystal, organic inorganic, if incorrect, reconstituted to further iteration, of normally H, everything heavier is broken down like a car wrecker. When at breakpoints quarks act like quick change artists, depending on place in wave, effect of toroidal spin, changed up or down, fidelity of the frequency harmonics is rhe primary essential function, the change is constant, coupled with compression and hydraulic interia, the process is flawless, when the quarks change the discarded attributes are squillions of iteration increments returning to Aether and replacements from the same. This is all proven facts by many well known characters who shoulders we stand on, all known laws and physics vales remain valid, without Aetherverse Physics physical physics would not miraculously exsist, if you disagree please show some human empathy to my interpretations, unless you have proof irrefutable that I am mistaken, as you are never wrong in thereoretical physics, all keeps building, Einstein said, "imagination is more important than equations" you must think very, very, very miniscule, the 1st Part of H to escape Aether has 10billion plus increments, which followed the fibronachi sequence, through on and up to pattern, pattern is quark symphonic harmony fidelity, if not no more T.e, interesting I joined to comment about, unconscious energy, being less than conscious, this is when you sleep 9r are unconscious, you are in the Aetherverse, so T.e(tachyon energy) is not present when brain is resting the primal brain, is when the zygote first splits into two, after the stem is finished reiterating with new cbc dna, the zygote if female makes 1 million eggs 🥚 these change to testies later for all iterations , Neil de grasse tyson proved, if a female egg is released the female sperm swim faster than the male, however if a male fertilses the egg, we have a transvestite or iteration gender replacement, still human but not is male not female, still the option is miscarry or still birth. We all know eyes use alot of brain energy as does all the action and inaction tasks we constantly push through billions if times every 1000th of a pico second. Our function as carbon based iterations is to create more ways for @ether to be used in its infinite iteration combination properties, look how diverse we are as individuals. We eat food produce useful waste and we grow and create all Aetherverse functions. Very immense subject I am sure to have objections to calling us iterations, in Aetherverse there are no favourites, fine don't be a human iteration, you can be worse off and you know it, its called intuitive physics what I live and breath, we all know universal knowledge is real, so intuitively you know I am right, let the conjecture begin, I will offer no redress, and will attach no offense to any or all comments, you are entitled to your opinion and I accept and respect that, please extend the same to me. ENJOY
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