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  1. The Rudimentary Creations in the Mind is that of Chemical Instabilities! Such that, if any of the Biological Molecules were to fail, or become broken like a messed up Puzzle, there would be no fixing it, each of these... Molecules has a Value of what is the Functions of Chemicals that become Unstable inside the Brain. Oxytocin, also dubbed, The Love Hormone, has 43 Carbon's, 66 Hydrogen's, 12 Nitrogen's and Oxygen of 12, and S Value meaning, I could probably say, Serotonin. So large and so Complicated, anything goes wrong, it would reek complete Havok on the Chemicals Inside your mind! Memories are Formed here, Processing of Bonding, Trust, Gazing, Empathy, Memories, and Fidelity, with the last one being, Positive Communication. If you look up this Organic Molecule you will see that, it is Humongous! With every part of it that has a Function, it is very Complex. So, that can Imbalance everything if one thing goes bad. Norepinephrine, is produced in the inner part of the adrenal glands, also called the adrenal medulla, Carbon 8, Hydrogen 11, and NO2, a mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen, Linking all that Together makes this one possible! Being less complex, my Understanding is that it does not Contribute to more Imbalances in the Brain. But, this is the only one that contributes to Depression, and that is one thing to be noted, as long as there is Imbalances in the Brain, any one of these Puzzle Piece's can be and Contribute to Depression of the mind. Note that this Molecule, is the one that produces a Fight or Flight Response. Which makes running away Easier, a joke, so, yes it does help with that. Serotonin, is more in the middle of Complexity, and can be more huge with, a Formula of, Carbon 10, Hydrogen 12, Nitrogen 2 and Oxygen of 1. It regulates Anxiety, Happiness and Mood. In the Brain, and can be and Contribute to, our Moods and Swings of Mood, Via, one single Molecule in our Mind! See how all these things make and React to others! It is a huge , puzzle of Complexity, Emotions and Serotonin, effects Memory as well, Connected to Oxytocin, which also is another Biological Molecule that Forms Memory! Processes Sleep, and Cognition, more along the lines of Cognitive Thinking. Noradrenaline, or Receptors in the Brain, or, (R)-3-nitrobiphenyline is an α2C selective agonist as well as being a weak antagonist at the α2A and α2B subtypes, and essentially they are the same as Norepinephrine, but, the only difference is their Chemical Antagonist, to the N.O.R. so receptors that are bad inside the body/brain. It's make up is, Carbon 8, Hydrogen 11, NO3, and the main part of this one, is Concentration, on any task you have like Homework, or, getting something done. Finally, there is Dopamine, the Happy Hormone, like it describes you get happiness and it has Less Complex Build, meaning less Imbalance inside the Brain. And, of course there are Serotonin and Dopamine lines that also Function inside the Mind. Frontal Cortex and Back are created in tandem, Hippocampus is the Part that Produces Motion, Connections down the Spine and is the Main Function and Part that makes the Brain Function, like a Control Center. But, very small. And, it produces, Dopamine, Reward, AKA, Motivation, Pleasure, Euphoria, Motor Functions fine tuning, Compulsion, and a Sense of Preservation AKA, if in a life or death Scenario. After all that, there is the GABA Receptor, which plays a Important Role, in Noradrenaline, or, the Antagonist, Nitrobiphenyline, and, Norepinephrine. They are very tiny and have them working to produce your Connections to all those I just listed. None of this has been taken from any Text, but, I have written it all down, pulled all this off the Internet, and collapsed it all down inside me Notebook, to finally upload to a source that would see this! I condensed it inside there, and Posted this! I remember all this a lot of it at least, and I could teach this If I wanted, too! I know lots of different Functions of the Brain and it's Purposes'! Thanks for the read, and Stay safe out there, Everyone!
  2. This is only a... Law in Energy. The preserved value for Mass is that of Concept. We will in the Future, I believe at least, have access to Powers and Understandings, that are made. Created, not only will the people who want a value that is created Negative, if Possible, that, can change our Classical understandings of Mass!, but, in essence a Universe that is created for Energy Obtained by Creation's of Infinite Power. I am making Foray's into the Creations of Infinite Energy. My Progress in this, is my Goal. So, me putting this out there for other people to see, was an attempt to maybe... put myself out there for others to see what I was building. In Essence, Time is Time, a Conclusion is that, when it moves it moves forward, the other creation is backwards, Negative Time. I understand that this is possible, I want to make Time Travel, possible, how to do that? It is with the 4 Dimensional Bridge or, Negative Time. Quantum Particles are another way, wrap your self in those and Theoretically, you would be able to make a leap. Thank you for your Answers to my Article! Now, Time Itself was built to be preserved as, a line, of time, if you could Wrap that line and make it, more, it would be what, We, as a Human Race would want! Stay safe out there, see you! I can see your point of view as well. The opposite Opinion as, that of Not Working at all. As this is just a Conceptual, Design or layout for nothing, or, could not possibly work. And you are right, I take that as a way to Progress! A way to think Smarter and be Smarter! Thanks for your Answers and Quarries!
  3. " Negative Mass is a type of exotic matter whose mass is of opposite sign to the mass of normal matter, e.g. −1 kg. " - From Wikipedia. This Theorem, Negative Mass, I have been Researching and I find it, very, very, Interesting! Basically, the Principle goes over that, Assuming that all three concepts of mass are equivalent according to the equivalence principle, the gravitational interactions between masses of arbitrary sign can be explored, based on the Newtonian approximation of the Einstein field equations. The interaction laws are then: In yellow, the "preposterous" runaway motion of positive and negative masses described by Bondi and Bonnor. Positive mass attracts both other positive masses and negative masses. Negative mass repels both other negative masses and positive masses. So, in essence, this effect would be Zero Mass or even Negative of the Former, Positive! The remaining Energy Output would essentially remain, Zero, with no way of stopping it! The Scientists and Physic's, Professors on Wkiki. even described the Effects of this Perpetual Motion! -Such a couple of objects would accelerate without limit (except relativistic one); however, the total mass, momentum and energy of the system would remain zero.- The Quote is this: Thomas Gold even hinted that the runaway linear motion could be used in a perpetual motion machine if converted to circular motion: It is an Interesting Creation. of the Minds in the Past! The Time Travel Principle can also be a part of this, too! Speculative Hypothesis, in Technology that can be used for Time Travel to the Past, and the Construction of Transvers-able Artificial Wormholes, plus, Krasnikov tubes and Alcubierre Drive, a Theoretical Warp Drive Idea! This can also, Parallel, the creation of the Casimir Effect, of Zero-Density, Quantum Field Creation's, also known as, a Zero Powered Magnetic Two Metal Plate, with Vacuum Tube and Small Area of No Powered Invention for the mind of Dutch Physicist, Hendrik Casimir, I will describe him as well! He was a Well Known Physicist, on the Research Base in Phillips, Netherlands. From Wikipedia- Dutch physicists Hendrik Casimir and Dirk Polder at Philips Research Labs proposed the existence of a force between two polarizable atoms and between such an atom and a conducting plate in 1947;[1] this special form is called the Casimir–Polder force. After a conversation with Niels Bohr, who suggested it had something to do with zero-point energy, Casimir alone formulated the theory predicting a force between neutral conducting plates in 1948.[17] This latter phenomenon is called the Casimir effect in the narrow sense. Back to Negative Mass, there is a mathematical Equation that is also very simple in it's Descriptors of this, lets call it a Perpetual Energy Conversion Method. If the masses are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign, then the momentum of the system remains zero if they both travel together and accelerate together, no matter what their speed: Psys = mv + (-m)v = (m + (-m)) v = 0 times v = 0 And also for the Kinetic Energy!: Ekvsys = 1/2mv^2 + 1/2 (-m)v^2 = 1/2(m + (-m))v^2 = 1/2(0)v^2 = 0 I'm sorry, but, I could not pull the the regular Curvy Versions that are represented by actual Mathematics and Physics from the Website. So, I just Typed them out. But, you get the Idea. Also, there would be a Contradiction from the Norm of Einstein's own Super Creation Equation of E=mc^2! If you Negatively created that it would be: An interaction between equal quantities of positive mass matter (hence of positive energy E = mc2) and negative mass matter (of negative energy −E = −mc2) would release no energy, but because the only configuration of such particles that has zero momentum (both particles moving with the same velocity in the same direction) does not produce a collision, such interactions would leave a surplus of momentum. Some bimetric theories of the universe propose that two parallel universes with an opposite arrow of time may exist instead of one, linked together by the Big Bang and interacting only through gravitation. The universe is then described as a manifold associated to two Riemannian metrics (one with positive mass matter and the other with negative mass matter). According to group theory, the matter of the conjugated metric would appear to the matter of the other metric as having opposite mass and arrow of time (though its proper time would remain positive). The coupled metrics have their own geodesics and are solutions of two coupled field equations. As well as Negative Mass, there is also, a way of Describing a Experiment of that Mass, it was with Physicists, Peter Engel, and his team, developed a Experiment Based on the Negative Mass Equations and Principle's! It was based on Rubidium Atoms, a Chemical Element with a Atomic Number of 37, they created it out of Introducing the Temp. of the Atoms to Absolute Zero! Here is the Article for Clarification: On 10 April 2017, Engels' team created negative effective mass by reducing the temperature of rubidium atoms to near absolute zero, generating a Bose–Einstein condensate. By using a laser-trap, the team were able to reverse the spin of some of the rubidium atoms in this state, and observed that once released from the trap, the atoms expanded and displayed properties of negative mass, in particular accelerating towards a pushing force instead of away from it.[20][21] This kind of negative effective mass is analogous to the well-known apparent negative effective mass of electrons in the upper part of the dispersion bands in solids.[22] However, neither case is negative mass for the purposes of the stress–energy tensor. I believe this Negative Mass, has great promise and will be great for further Experimentation and Development! I, Myself am, Creating a Experiment with a Metal Spinning Top, and with this, will Demonstrate the Effects of Permanent Magnets, on a System of Two Opposing Negative and Positive Magnets! That when the Gravity and the Friction is also there, will Spin Rapidly, without stopping and will stop at the Time that it will, based on Outside Forces! I Created also, the Theory that if, Theoretically, the Magnets had Negative Mass, Velocity, and Weight, with Time that has that Effect, could produce a way for a Perpetual Creation! Never ending Power, and my Theory of this, was Absolutely Correct! There is such thing as Negative Mass! Vibrations can be made Negative and so can the Model to create a Core of Power! Thanks for Reading my Long Winded, Post on Negative Mass! Like I said, I will be making my Experiment of Permanent Magnets, Sometime! I will post about it on here, and maybe, Post a few Pictures of the Finished Experiment! Stay Safe, Guys and Scientists out there! -Post anything, about this post to me, add me to your reply chains if possible!-
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