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  1. Since the child inherits genetics from both men and women, there should be a convergence of their signs leading to the destruction of dimorphism. That is, for example, the growth of a man should decrease on average, and women, on the contrary, increase. Why is this not happening?
  2. It is not by chance that Obama called Russia a regional power. Claims of influence are just a circus for the people. Do you think that a powerful country would act in a neutral form at the Olympics and listen to every word in the European Union? Even within Russia itself, the president does not have actual power, he can only perform operational work within the framework of the initiative of legislators, and even money is allocated from above. How then can Putin influence what is happening in the most powerful country in the world, isn't it ridiculous?
  3. This is the legacy of the Arab Caliphate and the Timurids. All the Islamized countries were subordinate. And no one was going to make them rich, they were only sources of labor and additional product. This policy is still alive to this day, so it is precisely the "centers" of the Islamic world that are flourishing. And this is manifested not only in poverty. For example, the modern Uighuristan, that was previously a Moghulistan, the land of Genghis khan, does not even have protection from genocide in the Islamic world(except Turkey), and this is also not an accident: it was from there that the real Mughals came, who destroyed the Arab Caliphate.
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